By Lynne Tucker 

In a near-perfect convergence of life and art, the Mosaic Tile House, as it’s widely known, embodies the exuberant partnership of Cheri Pann and Gonzalo Duran over nearly two decades.

This quirky 1940s home has been covered inside and out with colored tile,

splintered-glass, mosaics and more.


What started as weekend project has developed into a lifetime love affair says Gonzalo Duren.  His wife, Cheri Pann, makes the tiles and he break and mosaic them onto surfaces and forms that he creates. They even use found objects and other castoffs.

All surfaces are fair game: walls, ceilings, cabinets, countertops and furniture inside & out.

Their project has grown because of their community.  Their enthusiasm has inspired them to do more. The neighbors bring broken pottery, teapots and the like, while children delight in bringing them old toys,Open

Saturdays 1-4 pm

Reservations Recommended.


Adults – $20

7-12 – $10
6 & under Free

See website for Closed dates

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Lynne Tucker is a Travel Writer and Photojournalist based in Palm Desert