DJ Luis and his wife Rose, (AKA DJ Thorn) are two of the most down-to-earth DJs you have ever met! They are very passionate about life, music, entertainment and each other.  The husband and wife team own an entertainment company called Primetime Productions.


The musical match made a connection back in high school in 1988. After graduation, the tone of the relationship became a bit more serious when the duel DJs bought their first turntable together. They later had enough money saved to buy the additional turntable and mixer.



In 1996, Luis and Rose decided to make happy music together for the rest of their lives. After getting married they continued to practice on their DJ system with some records that Rose’s dad had in a closet; at this point, they started to realize they could earn money doing what they love by playing music at parties.


Together they learned how to run a DJ company. Luis is the talent, always entertaining and teaching Rose the musical ropes.  You can usually catch Rose, DJ/MC and coordinator, wearing several hats and making sure the timeline and music flows just like the client requested.


The DJ duo confesses to enjoying working with each other. In fact, they are the Yin and Yang, together they come up with the most wonderful and smart ideas. Although they have their disagreements, they never lose focus of what their mission is and that is to “Save One Party at a Time.”


Their signature party includes fun with foam, Co2 tanks, confetti blasters and videos, connecting truss, Intel lighting, glow sticks, beads, jumbo glowing balloons and live performers in costumes to interact with the crowd. They say the experience is like being in Cancun or Puerto Vallarta night clubs.

Working long hours hardly ever turning anything down, the Musical Match have built their company up to about 100 parties a year. But they won’t stop there. Primetime Productions hopes to eventually branch out to surrounding counties like San Diego and Los Angeles. Rose proudly acknowledges, “Our clients really like what we do and respond to us.”


One thing is for sure, no matter how fast they grow, they insist the quality of service needs to be top notch! Luis and Rose are also on the board of the recently formed Coachella Valley DJ Association, donating what little time they have to growing the DJ community here in the Valley.


If you would like more info on Primetime Productions – 251-6604


Written By: Craig Michaels – Musical Affair Entertainment 619-3276





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