Service Before Self is something we learn early in the fire service. It’s one of many virtues I love about the fire service. Unselfish acts performed by professionals every day. You see this regularly by the Men and Women of the Riverside County Fire Dept. Thank you for your service!

Unfortunately not everyone does this. We all have experienced the lack of customer service these days. It seems many are more incline and put more effort into avoiding helping customers than just doing their jobs. Though I’d love to name the local places and see how many of you experienced the same, I’ll be a gentleman and assume you know where they are…

I recently had the unique experience of having work performed where “service before self” was very evident. These two were real gentlemen and never did they give any pushback or grief. Just a desire to ensure a customer was satisfied. Nathan Rodgers of NDR Tile (here in the CV Valley 760.774.9409) came and did some tile work for me. Nathan and his Brother Shane worked so hard and went the extra mile(s) every day from beginning to end to ensure service before self was done.



It was a couple of weeks ago when temperatures were over 115 degrees. They worked relentlessly, never complained and always checked in to see that the job was done to my expectations and satisfaction. The days I was around and told them to take off in the afternoon, they ignored my requests, put up their easy up and worked under partial shade until the job was completed.

They worked so hard and followed the “service before self” of customer service that I would be remiss if I did not mention them.

Thank you NDR tile for your customer service and service before self!

Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna

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