By Crystal Harrell

Nothing is quite as sweet as opening a box of See’s Candies and taking in the rich aroma of the delectably displayed chocolates, all different flavors complementing each other to form the perfect package. But chocolate lovers have something else to be excited about, as a new See’s Candies location is now open at the Rancho Mirage Marketplace, to the left of Gelson’s.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will take place on August 25 at 9:30 a.m., where free samples and special offers will be available to the public. The new Shop on Bob Hope Drive will also be extending its Grand Opening Week Celebration from August 25 to September 1, for those who cannot attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“I love that there is now a See’s Candies location in Rancho Mirage, especially with fall and winter on the way. It has always been a family tradition to get a box of chocolates from See’s around Christmas time and share them as I decorate the tree with my kids,” shared Rancho Mirage resident Kathy Burrows.


See’s Candies also has Coachella Valley locations in La Quinta and Palm Desert, with its former Palm Springs location being permanently closed since last October. The See’s Candies chocolate shop locations in Palm Desert and La Quinta are based upon founder Mary See’s basic principle of Quality without Compromise since 1921.

To this day, the See’s Candies company stands by this motto, with the famous chocolates and candies always made in the California-based, brand-owned factories located in both Los Angeles and South San Francisco. From these chocolate factories, the delicious chocolates are sent to various See’s Candies shops in Greater Palm Springs, and the rest of the See’s chocolate shops throughout the country.

See’s Candies has over 200 chocolate shop locations and during the busy holiday season, this number increases as sometimes seasonal chocolate shops are added to accommodate the ever-growing fan base, as well as a flourishing online store where customers can get a variety of candy and traditional chocolate options.

See’s Candies’ great reputation was founded upon not only its delicious candies and chocolates, but also the free chocolate and candy samples, and the staff’s friendly customer service. To provide the best possible chocolates and candies in California, See’s Candies follows in Mary See’s footsteps and insists on using only the best ingredients, maintaining that preservatives are never added to the recipe.

“I think that See’s Candies has stayed relevant for so long because it has really become a company that many generations have come to trust and associate with good times in their lives. Any holidays, birthdays, or special occasions can all be celebrated with a box of chocolates. And the quality is always unmatched,” said Robert Diaz of Palm Desert.

Whether it’s the sight of the trademark white shirts and dresses worn by the See’s Candies employees, or the iconic black-and-white store motifs inspired by Mary See’s very own kitchen, there is something special about the See’s Candies brand that keeps customers coming back for more.

To find over 100 varieties of delicious candy, chocolates, and seasonal gifts, visit the See’s Candies website at