By Bronwyn Ison

In a society which appears to have a plethora of negative influences we often succumb falling victim to others poor attitudes and energy.  Whether it’s gossip that provokes your thoughts or a feeling of inadequacy both equate to unhealthy reflections of yourself or others. If any of this resonates with you, sounds familiar, or you are participating in such behavior it may be time to take a deeper look at what you are doing in your life. I felt inspired to write this article based upon multiple friends sharing their pangs with me.

Gossiping is a normal human behavior.  Too much of anything isn’t beneficial for the mind, body, or the spirit.  In fact, you are merely participating in an immature behavior.  Speaking negatively about others isn’t healthy for you, the people you are conversing with, and when it reaches the other person they do not feel very good about themselves either.  Where is the WIN in gossiping?  Remember the adage your parents shared with you?  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”  Do you often catch yourself speaking negatively about others?  Generally, gossip consists of jealousy.  What don’t you like about yourself? There is absolutely no gain in teaming up with others to speak ill of a group of people or a person.  It’s hurtful and disrespectful.  Plus, if you have that much time on your hands, I suggest you find a positive hobby.

My 11-year-old daughter was sharing how the kids at school talk about each other.  Sadly, I had to inform her it gets worse as adults.  She was surprised to hear my reaction.  I proceeded to add… adulthood is comparable to an oversized High School.  Think about it… It is!  Reflecting upon my High School days, I venture to believe adults gossip more than adolescents.  Yes, it is a hard dose of reality to swallow.

It’s quite simple.  It may be time for a mental and physical overhaul.  In the past two years I have completely remodeled my life.  What does this mean for you?  It means, FREEDOM!  I learned I was in mental and physical bondage.  Too many of my personal relationships were suffering which meant I was in pain.  If something is toxic you must remove it from your life.  Or, at best distance yourself.  I understand the toxicity may be a family member, your boss, or a co-worker.  I concur these are challenging circumstances to alter. However, if you have the power to make changes in your relationships or circumstances then it’s time to be FEARLESS!

Remember you are the only one who can improve or convolute your life.  Feeling uneasy in your personal/professional life will eventually be debilitating.  There should be “no vacancy” for negativity in your life.  This includes you participating in gossip. It’s also time to distance or be done with certain relationships or circumstances.

Today can be your day of new beginnings.  Turn the page and commence a new chapter in your life.  A fresh start is always refreshing.  You cannot allow your best to be seen if you are lingering in the past or allowing others to steal your joy.  Doors are ready to open when you decide to leave your past behind.

Bronwyn Ison is the owner of Evolve Yoga. 760.564.YOGA(9642)