Cover Band, Coachella Valley, CA

Article and Photos By Lynne Tucker

Off Da Cuff has been successful because of the wide variety of music they are able to play.

Some of their music styles include Latin, country, classic rock, blues, contemporary, swing, disco, funk and much more.

They will work with whatever the event requires and are willing to learn songs when necessary for weddings, corporate parties, etc.


They enjoy themed parties and have Halloween, Christmas and Birthday songs ready to play.

They play songs from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s, 80’s up to current times. They are Coachella Valley’s Good Time Band for a reason.

Off Da Cuff is an appropriate name for this band as the audience is always delighted with the different songs that are crowd favorites, yet many times are not played by most cover bands.

If you like to dance, or just have a good time, and meet new friends, come give Off Da Cuff the opportunity to give you musical enjoyment. Right now you can find them at Babaloo’s in Palm Desert every other Friday night.

They also have been entertaining for years at the Palm Desert CC, The Tack Room Tavern, The 19th Hole and various Country Clubs throughout the Valley.



Vocals & Percussion

Traci is the “fearless leader of Off Da Cuff.” She handles their bookings, coordinates rehearsals (where she FEEDS the band!) and works on marketing.  She keeps the crowd on their feet with her exciting vocals and creative percussion style.


Guitar & Vocals

Mike is the “master slayer” of the band.  His extensive career gives him the knowledge to duplicate most classic guitar riffs.  They call him their “Carlos Santana of the Coachella Valley” as he specializes in our latin-flavored covers.


Bass Guitar & Vocals

OFF DA CUFF is excited to announce the addition of their new bassist, Greg Randle. Not only does he play a funky bass, he is an excellent guitarist as well.


Drums & Vocals

Their drummer Jerry, is the “backbone” of the band. He is always adding special effects to many songs and is a wonderful addition to Off Da Cuff.

If you are interested in booking a party please contact Traci Kaylor (Trixie Cuff) at 760-333-3347 or email her at

Check out their website at for song selections, performance dates, pictures, and videos!

Think Entertainment and Enjoy Their Music!