By Haddon Libby

As a welcome to our Canadian friends who visit us this time each year from the frigid north, let us at CV Weekly keep you abreast of the news of the day as reported by CNC, CBC and CTV.

Dateline Southern California: The Great One aka Wayne Gretzky turned 62 on January 26th.

Dateline Toronto: The week before Christmas, a homeless Toronto man was killed by eight teenaged girls in a random ‘swarming’ attack.  What happened was that the these 13 to 16 years-old girls ‘swarmed’ a man near a downtown homeless shelter and proceeded to beat and stab him to death.  Last week as one of the detainees was seeking release on bail, a new problem emerged.  It seems that at least one of these minors was strip searched with every trip to or from the Juvenile Detention Center.  The judge presiding over the case was appalled by the behavior of the Center and ordered an immediate end to the practice.  In response to media inquiries, the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services states that they cannot respond as the detainees are minors.


Dateline: Stockholm, Saskatchewan: The Yorkton Regional Hospital turned away a woman in labor five days before Christmas.  The wind chill temperature at the time was -40 below zero!  (Makes our frigid +40-degree nights a bit wimpy, no?)   While her contractions were eight minutes apart, her water had not broken so the hospital felt it was premature for her to be at the hospital.  The couple went to her mother’s nearby house where she took a bath, her water broke and baby came in to the world less than 90 minutes after departing the hospital.  Her husband delivered the baby and the late arriving ambulance took his wife and child back to the hospital. When the couple got a bill from the Ministry of Health for the ambulance drive back to the hospital, they were billed for two people instead of one.  Once this story hit the press, the Ministry of Health decided to pick up half of the bill as a courtesy.  Following this birthing ordeal, the couple seem inclined to limit their household to one child.  In response to media inquiries, the Saskatchewan Health Authority states that they cannot respond due to patient privacy reasons.

Dateline Vancouver:  Now that the city has decriminalized hard drugs, drug dealer Jerry Martin has plans to opening drug stores.  Given that users have a hard time finding safe supplies, he wants to fill the need.  Beginning on January 31st, it is no longer a crime to have a small stash of MDMA, cocaine, heroin, meth or crack. Even fentanyl can be held.  Martin is a user himself with a preference for acid, DMT and mescaline.

In the Canadian Style section on Yahoo!, Kayla Kuefler helps us to navigate the complicated world of snow removal.  Should you have a snow blower or a snow thrower?  Do you go with an electric, cordless or gas-powered machines?  If money is no object, Kuefler recommends the Greenworks 60V 3x5AH 2 Stage Snowblower.  This baby sells for an extra chilly $2,000 from Canadian Tire.  Are you more of a budget shopper?  Amazon Canada has a Snow Joe eighteen incher that Kayla loves.  The 13-amp motor and impressive 20-foot throw makes this corded machine one to love.  Still want to burn gas and give Mother Earth the finger?  Consider “the little beast” as one enthusiast called it.  We are talking about the Husqvarna 2-Stage Gas Snowblower with an Electric Start.  This beast sells for $1,000 at Canadian Tire.  With four forward speeds and a reverse speed, you can clear two feet at a time and shoot that white powder, sleet or slush 24 feet.

I wonder if it would work with sand.

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