By Julie Buehler

Change is tough.

We all know that.

But when you spend 3-5 hours every day connecting with a community through sports talk radio, there’s a certain bond that forms and having to break that bond is far more difficult than I ever thought.


But it’s time for a change.

Buehler KMIRAfter 5 years hosting sports talk radio and “Buehler’s Day Off,” I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a full-time position with KMIR and am excited to take a new audience on some incredible adventures.

Sports talk radio will always be a passion of mine, as there’s something organic and genuine and entirely authentic about a sports fan’s desire to tune in for the latest perspective and analysis and call in to offer their wildly unpredictable perspective and analysis. And, the fact that I have, in general, an abundance of opinion, means you can be sure I’ll be contributing to Team 1010 even beyond my departure to KMIR. But I won’t be hosting the drive-time show anymore. So, this means there’s an opportunity for someone else to live his or her dream.

The man taking the helm of “Buehler’s Day Off,” my great friend and a GREAT guy, Geoff Bloom is going to be looking for a co-host.

And maybe that’s you. Maybe that’s your friend who’s been looking for a shot to get into sports media and just needs the door cracked open for them.

Well, the door is swinging wide open for one lucky person who demonstrates the fire, tenacity, dedication and humor required to be a sports talk radio host (ok, the humor is highly subjective).

Here’s what YOU can do:

First, do you know someone that would be an amazing sports talk radio personality? Who’s that person (guy or girl) who’s always at the Beerhunter catching 12 games at once? That person who’s always rocking their favorite team’s gear and always has an opinion about why they lost so badly last week.

A sports talk radio host needs to be very knowledgeable across the landscape of sports. They don’t need to be a stat geek, but if they can recite the last 10 champions in each sport, that’d be good.

Do you know a good storyteller? Someone who’s always got the exciting take on an ordinary afternoon. Sports talk radio is about connecting authentically through great storytelling and taking your listeners into a world they’d never been before.

We’re not looking for someone who’s eager to please and burp out whatever mainstream sports media is chirping. We’re looking for someone who’s unique, passionate, smart and funny. And who LOVES sports. Almost to an irrational level (many would say I’m WAY past rational love for my Niners, but I have my own rationale).

If you know someone, have them email me

This could be their shot.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed hosting “Buehler’s Day Off” and know it will be in great hands with Bloom and his new co-host. And it’s exciting to be moving on to KMIR knowing there could be another friend in this community living their dream.

Best of luck to all the applicants!

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