By Mandy Calvano, 3M Studios

As a new business it is exciting to see that the visions written in our business plan jumped off the pages and sprang to life. The niche we fill and the musicians we serve are a wide range of talent, genres and needs. From needing to rehearse for an arena to needing a place to play away from the neighbors. 3M Studios had an awesome first season. We had several star-struck moments from local residents (we’ll talk more about later), to international stars. Our story to share today is Toni Menage from New York, member of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. The group was here with Pacific Concert Group to perform at Acrisure Arena on a Friday night and then into Los Angeles on Saturday. This group was on the run. True hustlers and professionals.

Toni Menage and the crew came into 3M Studio’s straight from Palm Springs International Airport at 10PM, instruments in hand and straight into rehearsal, after quick cup of coffee, of course. What a fun, hardworking, and talented group of people. They immediately felt like family. I’m not going to lie and say we weren’t star struck, or that we didn’t listen by the door and dance I the hallway because you deserve to know the truth. It was a party for us for sure. For me personally this was special because when I was 11 years old my aunt took me to the LA County Fair in Pomona to see Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. I loved it and was so happy to have the bragging rights to say, “I saw them in concert.” We were sad to see them go. We may see them sometime in Long Beach, California. Don’t miss your chance to see Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. They are energetic, dynamic, and awesome musicians.

Watching Toni Menage work as the musical director was also an honor. There are so few women in the music business especially, on the production side of things. Toni is tough, she doesn’t hold back on what needs to be done to get the sound right. She knows what she wants to hear, and she directs her musicians to that sound. Seeing and hearing her give directions and having the musicians instantly get it, was an awesome sight to behold. She seems to speak everyone’s language, a talent of its own. Toni and the group respect each other and the music and they don’t stop until it is RIGHT!


There is so much to share about Toni Menage. From her growing up in Harlem to being first noticed by a producer in 7th grade and having a hit song on the radio.

Toni Menage had her first hit at age 14 under the name “Little Toni Marsh” on Prism Records. The song “Video Burnout” is now recognized as an international dance classic. She was nominated for an R&B Music Association Award with her MCA records hit “I Want Your Guy”. She performed her hit on the rhythm & blues awards as the finale of that awards show backed by a choir of stars including Bobby Brown, Cameo, Dionne Warwick, and Jocelyn Brown just to name a few.

Toni has the distinction of being one of a handful artists, like Syreeta Wright and India Arie, to pique the interest of Stevie Wonder. With the greatest songwriter of the 20th century as her mentor, she recorded on Tamla Records and performed as an artist on Stevie’s elite roster of talent. Toni is an original member of the multi-platinum band Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam (Columbia Records). The band’s smash hits include “I Wonder if I Take You Home” and “All Cried Out” and many more.

Toni recently stepped up as part of Lisa Lisa’s management team in partnership with Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoops Army.  She also serves as the musical director on the tour.

Besides creating her touring band SoDisrespectful!, Ms. Menage is also the visionary and owner of an event band company, Project Orange Music.

Toni has created a template for freshness in the live music industry in general.

In 2017 expanded Menage Works Inc into an all-out full-service entertainment company. She now manages a small camp of amazing artists specializing in everything from dance & fitness to actors and vocalist. In Toni’s vision there are no limits to where Menage Works Inc can take the world of entertainment! Stay tuned…