By Tracy Dietlin

A couple weeks ago my husband and I decided to dine at Pacifica Seafood Restaurant in Palm Desert. We had been there before, but on this occasion we had one focus: partake in the Thursday night Lobster Fest.

As our menus were placed before us, we both already knew that we were there for the lobster, however I decided to peruse the menu and I ordered the sea bass instead. Now I must tell you that I have never tried anything else ever at Pacifica, as they have the best Chilean sea bass you will ever taste in this town. It was served on a bed of sticky rice, bok choy with a green curry coconut sauce and did not disappoint. This piece of fish was divine.

My husband stayed true to the course and ordered the 1 ½ pound Maine lobster in all its glory, delivered to the table looking like a masterpiece. The waiter had prepared him with a bib beforehand and he was ready to start cracking into the succulent crustacean. Of course he had promised to share a few bites with me and I must say that as much as I love the sea bass, next visit I will be ordering my own lobster as it became difficult to wrestle each bite from him.


I must now go back and mention the appetizer we shared which was the baked scallops on the half shell.

These little gems had bacon, spinach, shallots, parmesan and amaretto and were bursting with flavor. I highly recommend these on a night when you want to enjoy a martini at the bar with these as an accompaniment as Pacifica boasts 153 different brands of vodka.

By the time our waiter asked if we wanted desert we were basically in a food coma, but decided we were in it to win it and ordered the  mocha semifreddo; a dark chocolate custard with white chocolate mousse with a chocolate dipped toffee. This dessert is a little piece of heaven on its own.

Not only was the food delicious, but the service was top-notch. I always appreciate watching management going from table to table to make sure their customers are being well taken care of.

Pacifica Seafood Restaurant is featuring Maine Lobster on Thursday nights this summer for $42.00, including a choice of soup or salad, red potatoes, and drawn butter. Reservations are available online at or phone Pacifica at 760.674.8666.

Pacifica Seafood Restaurant is atop The Gardens on El Paseo, 73505 El Paseo, Palm Desert.