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Gonzalo Lebrija:

Miracle of the Eternal Present

This exhibition surveys more than two decades of work by Mexican artist Gonzalo Lebrija. Using a wide range of mediums -photography, video, sculpture, and painting -Lebrija reframes familiar objects or activities, sometimes altered only slightly, to imbue them with poetic and symbolic force.


His works are generally unified by his search for evidence of higher meaning, connections between earth and heaven. He finds this transcendence alternately in moments of play and stasis, in the accessories of modern life and the vestiges of traditional cultures, and in both found objects and invented ones. Lebrija is always looking for moments of interruption, breaks in our everydayness, events that introduce into modern society a sense of the miraculous.

Born in 1972, Gonzalo Lebrija lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Organized by the Palm Springs Art Museum, this exhibition is curated by Adam Lerner, JoAnn McGrath

Executive Director/CEO. The exhibition is sponsored by the Herman & Faye Sarkowsky Charitable Foundation and Yvonne & Steve (in memoriam) Maloney.

Devin Reynolds

Outburst Project

After studying to be an architect, Devin Reynolds found a path into painting through his work as a sign

painter and graffiti writer. His paintings typically draw from the fabric of American urban life. For his project at the Palm Springs Art Museum, he painted on distressed facades, employing salvaged materials, discarded film and television sets, and occasional new construction. The installation highlights the idea of the urban wall as a kind of canvas for both self-expression and chance aesthetics.

Reynolds lives and works in Los Angeles.

Outburst Projects are small-format exhibitions that artists create following a monthlong artist-residency at the Palm Springs Art Museum. The program is designed to support creative exploration, allowing artists to experiment with new bodies of work.

This season’s exhibitions are sponsored by the Herman & Faye Sarkowsky Charitable Foundation and Yvonne & Steve (in memoriam) Maloney.

Special thanks to Graeme Flegenheimer, curatorial advisor for the Outburst Program.

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