L: Painting by Christina Acosta / R: Pottery by Daric Harvie

By Angela Romeo

Following in a time honored tradition the Palm Springs Artist Council (www.artistscouncil.com) will be holding Open Studio Tours with several of their members. The tours will be held April 4 and April 5 from 12 -4 pm. Each day will feature a different group of artists.

Saturday will feature artists in the ‘West Valley’ area. The participating artists include Meridy Vole, Emeline Tate and Jeni Bate among others. The Sunday Tour will include artists from the ‘East Valley’ area. Participating artists will include John Breitweiser and Karin Harris. A guided map is available at the Artist Council Website. The event is free to the public.

La Quinta resident Cristina Acosta (www.cristinaacosta.com) joins the tour on Sunday. She shares her studio with her husband, metal artist Tolley Marney (https://tolley-marney.squarespace.com). This dynamic couple is as loving as they are talented.


Cristina has been a working artist for over three decades. While working her way through University of Oregon, Cristina was a sign painting artist. She later worked as a billboard outdoor advertising mural artist. With the skills she learned as a commercial artist Cristina designed, manufactured and sold an eponymous line of ceramic art tiles. She is a teacher, illustrator, author, interior designer and architectural color expert.

“I love being part of open studio events,” said Cristina. “Visitors enjoy seeing where the work is made, and I enjoy meeting collectors. Being one home of many to visit is such an asset for the arts community. Art becomes embedded in the collective mind of the community when more than a few artists participate in a studio visit series. With so many visitors and citizens from different parts of the world, it’s an asset for visitors in the Coachella Valley to have such talented artists in one locale.”

Visitors to Cristina’s studio will be fortunate to receive a poster of her work, La Conquistadora with Dine Spider Woman and Puebloan Corn Maiden. The original work is 42” x 52” Oil, encaustic, antique gold glazed ceramic mosaic, sterling silver metal leaf, 22t gold metal leaf, copper metal leaf on antique pine panel.

Daric Harvie is one of the founders of the Palm Springs’ Silica Studios ( http://silicastudios.com) . He received his B.A. in ceramics from Long Beach State. As Daric has stated “I love the process and possibilities that clay brings. When beauty and function come together it is a wonderful thing. My work is inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the south west and natural beauty of Stoneware and Porcelain.”

“I’m participating in the studio tours through Silica Studios. We have several members that are members of the artist council. So, when we were asked to join it seemed a natural fit. In addition to myself, Gene Dodak, Tim McMullen and Dona Vanden Heuvel will be participating,” noted Daric.

With 46 artists holding open studio over two days, this is an opportunity to meet the artists. It is a time to ask questions of the artists and to learn their process. More importantly this is a unique chance to learn the ‘Why’ of the piece. The Palm Springs Artist Council Open Studio Tours will be held April 4 and April 5 from 12 -4 pm.