Riverside County, CA


PPP’s mission is to create a more-inclusive society by providing competitive and recreational opportunities focusing on people with physical disabilities, simultaneously working with athletes with other disabilities while instilling a lifelong passion for wellness, helping everybody realize their full potential. .  PPP envisions a world in which adaptive athletes have the same opportunities to lead as full a life as their able-bodied peers.

PPP is a Riverside County organization currently focused in the Coachella Valley, incorporated in California in June 2020, and accomplishes its mission through collaborations between public, private, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

PPP was established due to the lack of consistent sport opportunities and improved quality of life for persons with special needs and physical disabilities throughout Riverside County and other Southern California communities.


PPP is currently running cycling and hiking programs on alternate Saturdays.  Many other programs can be found at the District Recreation District.  These include both wheelchair/stand-up basketball, archery, tennis and pickle ball, boccia and online meditation.

As COVID subsides PPP will be running many other programs, with expert coaching, throughout Riverside County.

For further information go to www.palmstopinesparasports.org or https://www.facebook.com/palmstopinesparasports.   You can also find our podcast-Getting Everyone Moving about adaptive sports here:  https://anchor.fm/michael-rosenkrantz.   Contact Mike Rosenkrantz at pppmiker@palmstopinesparasports.org or call 760-469-9207