By Patte Purcell

Did you know there is a very cool new art district in Cathedral City? Neither did I, until I started looking for a gallery to hold a Jazz/Art/420 friendly event. We took a drive to see Rebecca Fine Art Gallery and were delighted with what we saw.  What we found is a very cool little art district area bustling with people on a Saturday night. It’s located on Perez Rd. in Cathedral City and it holds 16 art galleries. Rebecca Pikus (who also writes for CV Weekly) has a beautiful gallery with moveable walls, which allows a complete re-structuring with each new show.

The latest show called ‘This is Now’ presents an in-depth and dynamic look at Modern Art today through sculptures, paintings and photographic art.

They are also showcasing the selected works of 3 amazing sculptors for this show. Christopher Georgesco is one of them. I’ve known Christopher and his lovely wife Maria for many years. His artwork has always impressed me. His sculptures are colorful 8-to-10 foot tall painted stills resembling magnified leaves or arcs and radil.


John Newmann and Guillermo Valentin works are also displayed. The group exhibition also includes sculptures by Robert Reeves and Craig Zeigler. It will also showcase painting by modern artists Joe Novak, Mario Pikus, Donald Spencer, Robert Tahar, Many Main and Rom Lammar. Photographic art is represented by August Muth, John Henebry and Steven Bein.

The exhibit is colorful, varied, and interesting. Maris Kazaks (Director and Curator) has done an excellent job of showcasing a number of excellent artists in this latest exhibit which runs through June 30.

For more information on Rebecca Fine Art Gallery, 68895 Perez #7, Cathedral City, Ca 760-534-5888.

Rebecca Fine Art Gallery will be hosting a very special ‘Art of Jazz’ event on Monday, June 5 from 4:20 until close. Jazz artists from LA and the desert will entertain for the evening. This will be a 420 friendly event. For more information on Art of Jazz contact me at 1-702-219-6777.