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Aging is inevitable. Despite a slew of never-ending marketing campaigns, products, creams, glues, gels, and possibly some Scotch tape; no one, and we repeat no one is ever going to be able to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again. We are all going to get old. We should all face facts now and accept it. The alternative is spending countless hours and years of our precious lives running down rabbit holes, wishing wells, and forever attempting to track down the elusive “fountain of youth”, or the pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow. Reality dictates – there is no such thing as the “fountain of youth”, nor a pot-o-gold at the end of the rainbow.

If we analyze the concept of life and the inevitability of the aging process, we should look no further than the pages of the Holy Bible. More recently, I heard a statement in which the Good Book was referred to as: Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. That statement could not be more concise. If you apply the Holy Bible’s instructions, you will live a good life. If you chose not to – you will find yourself on the rather hot and not at all pleasurable side of the rotisserie when you close your earthly eyes for the final time.

Health is a proverbial, let’s say, Brazil nut, which is very good for you. Brazil nuts provide adequate amounts of selenium which is great for thyroid health. But don’t eat too many of them. Too many will incur the counter-effect. One – or two, here and there is suffice. But we digress.


Health is basic and simple: Eat well, stay away from drugs and alcohol. Sleep often, exercise regularly, stay hydrated, and if you can spend time in the sun every day, do so, within reason. You can also spend time being quiet and still, and make sure you are breathing correctly. Many, sadly, do not breathe properly today and often find themselves gasping for breath. I believe cell phones and spending too much time on social media is one cause of this issue.

Let’s take some time to go back to when it all began, and the Words printed before our eyes in the Holy Bible.

God states that in the beginning He chose to shorten the lifespan of humans. Why? They disobeyed and were – and still are in many ways a disgrace – not only in stark contrast to God’s definitive and infinite Word, but to themselves and to others around them. Who personally can stand to see a senior man wearing earrings, or a senior woman wearing ripped skinny jeans, an oversized “bling-bling” belt, having on way too much makeup, and sporting a blouse as low as her solar plexus? I feel the need to suggest, “There comes a time to put away childish things”, and I’d be precise in my analysis of the former.

God, the creator of all life; the past, the present, the future, the after and the eternal, tells us humans, his creation that we are destined to become old and incur certain ailments that go along with becoming old. This is because we disobeyed in the beginning. Why does humanity have such a big issue with this. Are we the creator? The obvious reason so many argue with God, is a direct rebellion against His wishes – and for anyone who has read and believes the Good Book, we all know where that will eventually land the rebellious person’s body and soul.

We all want to remain healthy and function at our most optimal. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, we should all want to remain healthy, and as the saying goes, “grow old gracefully”. Plumping our bodies full of fillers, and Botox [which is botulism in a vile – and if you aren’t aware what botulism is, look it up in the dictionary. You may very well be surprised and never again consider injecting your face just to look like you’ve been windswept and are frozen in motion for three months] is not the answer. Undergoing various types of skin tightening, and skin wrapping surgeries is likewise not the answer. Have you ever noticed that individuals who do engage in continuous plastic surgery eventually all look the same, and for the most part, like Madam Marionette? Oversized lips, eyebrows pulled up to hairlines, and exaggerated gaps between jaws and earlobes. We don’t know about you, but we never want to butcher what God created and look like a mirrored image of someone else. If your body has nothing wrong with it, then the motivation is all about vanity, and this can be associated with curiosity. We all know what curiosity did to the cat now don’t we.

Vanity, dressing and acting immature describes the “Peter Pan” syndrome. If some of our senior communities choose to appear and act immature that doesn’t mean the youth should follow. Youths are the seniors of tomorrow, so lead by example, even if you are young. Be the adult. Take care of the senior. Which brings us to this:

Medicare and health supplement insurance are tricky waters to navigate. Even Christopher Columbus, the purported discoverer of this great country of ours, during his prime would not have been able to understand Medicare’s technical jargon.

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