Keto, Carnivore, Low-Carb … what does it all mean?  What is the Keto diet and what are ketones? What are macros?  What is the difference between Keto and Low carb?  It’s all so confusing, and there are so many conflicting and confusing messages online.

Honestly, you just want a diet you can stick to and lose weight.  Have you been looking to get healthier and just want to understand the different options before you can pick the one that is right for your body, your goals, and your lifestyle?

The perfect healthy diet is the one that you will fall in love with, enjoy the foods, get results and it fits your life …including birthdays and holidays and vacations and drive-thru dining and stress eating and late-night snacking and drinking alcohol.  You get the idea!


A perfect diet on paper or in theory is … well, just perfectly useless.

I can help you discover there is More to Keto Than Weight Loss… As a Keto Transformation Coach, my role is to guide you to feel confident in your own skin, express your femininity, stop unhealthy emotional eating patterns, find your happy place, lose weight, and have a peaceful mindset about food.

To get to this place you start looking at food differently and break the cycle of yo-yo dieting.  There is freedom in finding a diet you love, that supports your lifestyle and won’t leave you frustrated because you have tried multiple diets (maybe even Keto) over the years.

Take a deep breath.  That’s where I come in to help you create your REAL LIFE Keto Fit. (HINT: most of us do NOT do STRICT keto, so no worries if doesn’t appeal to you either!) If you are looking for a way of eating that support your goals and your lifestyle… (Because most people don’t want to meal prep, exercise like a maniac, and never eat a cookie again… but we all want and deserve to be healthy.) Get in touch with me for a free 30-minute discovery call. Let’s talk about what’s realistic for you.

About Michelle Borthwick McLaughlin:  Michelle’s coaching practice is evolving with an innovative approach to Keto that goes beyond fast, sustainable weight loss. Enter: KETOish. Transformational private coaching sessions that include proven Keto principles for weight loss and how to increase your energy, longevity, confidence, mindset, passion, and overall wellness.

Michelle has been the go-to coach for Keto for women since 2018. Her 1:1 coaching program has helped hundreds of women from 25 states and 4 countries lose over 8,000 pounds while eating foods they love.

Set up a free 30-minute coaching session with Michelle at and let’s make an action plan.