Renowned PET PSYCHIC, Cherie Vergini will be at Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique Saturday, August 25 10 am to 1 pm. I had the opportunity to talk to Miss Vergini about the upcoming event.
“I’m not gifted,” says Cherie. She states she is merely doing what comes naturally to us as children ~ trusting her instincts and listening to her intuition. If that is the case, then Cherie is doing it better than the rest of us and focuses her skills on giving voices to animals. Cherie says we are all naturally psychic, but most of us learn to stop trusting intuition and learn to depend on more linear, tangible things to put our trust in. Cherie has been communicating empathically and telepathically for years and uses this ability to give a voice to animals. Beyond reading the thoughts and pictures she receives from the animals, she is also able to deliver encouraging, comforting images to the animals around her.
Recently, she received a call from Europe about a lost cat. Equipped with a picture and the animal’s home address, Cherie was able to locate a cat that had been lost in Europe and was able to guide the feline home.
During the last session held at Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet store, I watched as Cherie did a reading for a mother and her teenage daughter who brought in their cat. The cat was doing everything it could to get into the teenagers room to pee on her bed. The teenager felt targeted by the cat and was frustrated. As I watched, Cherie solved the mystery and brought hope and healing to the situation. She pointed out that the cat had been rescued and initially bonded strongly with the teenage girl (information that she read from the cat, not told by the owners). But as happens with teenagers, she got busy focusing on other things. Cherie noted that the cat was desperately trying to re-bond with the teenager. I watched as the young girls face turned from annoyed to a look of understanding and compassion as she began to reinterpret the cat’s intentions. Armed with this new information, they were able to re-approach how to handle the behavioral “problem”. But then, tears began to flow as Cherie indicated that she had picked up another vibration ~ a pet who had passed previously. “He’s with you right now. He wants you to know he’s always with you.” Everyone in the store was moved.
Preparing for a Session:
Cherie urges clients to make a list of questions they’d like answers to from their pet, instead of vague inquiries. A psychic session will yield more and better information when the topic is specific. However, she cautions against anticipating specific answers, since the actual answer may be surprising. She appreciates being told before the session begins about any certain issues to be concentrated on, so she can focus in on them. Please note also that the pet does not have to be present for the session as Cherie picks up on “vibrations” explaining that “energy doesn’t know time, distance or space”.
For more information on how to prepare your pet, as well as what to expect and what not to expect visit Cherie’s website at
A PET ADOPTION will also be available during the event through “Mary’s Little Lambs”.
While there, you’ll find that at Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique, all their food, spa, bed and blanket products are made in the USA as well as their designer lines of apparel, collars, harnesses and leashes. It is a unique place to find that “something special” for your furbaby!
Cosmopawlitan Café and Pet Boutique is located at 73-200 El Paseo, Stuite 3B, Palm Desert, call (760) 341-7297 or visit

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