At the age of 31, Philip Godinez Jr., otherwise known as “PJ,” can say he has had a pretty good life so far. He has been a local radio personality for several years– keeping the dance floor full at one of the Valley’s hottest night clubs, and finding time to spend with his wife and two children.
There’s something else special about PJ, he comes from a long line of musicians know as “The Evaro’s.” Music is a passion shared among his entire family, including his mother Sherry Evaro who is a vocalist, and has had a strong musical influence on him since he was old enough to listen to the radio.

In middle school, PJ would watch MTV, back when they played music videos. He would see DJs scratching and was amazed at the whole turntable setup. A few years later he got a chance to see and touch a full DJ setup and was instantly in love! In the early years, PJ would watch numerous DJ battle videos and listen to hundreds of DJ mix tapes, recounting DJ Rectangle as one of his favorites.

As a result of spending much of his free time listening to the radio, PJ found himself working on the street team of a Mix 100. 5 radio station after high school. This is where I first met PJ since I was the Program Director at the time. Eager to learn all there was about putting on a live radio show, PJ proved he deserved a show of his own: “Friday Night House Party.”

PJ would later find himself in Vegas working in radio and DJing all the major nightclubs and after parties for big celebrities (Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Lil Jon.) and working on shows such as the Billboard Music Awards and Radio Music Awards. For the past four years, he has had a night show on local station (92.7 FM) where he also served as Imaging Director.


Besides working clubs and radio gigs you can sometimes find PJ the Mobile DJ playing music for private parties. While he gets off on the rush of knowing thousands of people are listening to him on the radio and hundreds of people are pulsating on the dance floor of the night club, one of the best feelings is getting to play music for someone’s wedding night that will have lasting memories.

With a diverse and demanding schedule, PJ has recently decided to spend more time with his wife and two boys, who are ages 3 years old and 4 years old. When hanging out at home, PJ admits to listening to 70’s and 80’s groups such as Earth Wind and Fire.

Currently, you can catch PJ spinning music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Zelda’z night club in Palm Springs. Other projects include producing exercise mix tapes and working with is DJ team, “THE MIXICANS,” doing everything from event planning to remixing and producing music. To contact PJ you can email him at

Written by: Craig Michaels

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