By Heidi Simmons

You are a Badass
by Jen Sincero – Nonfiction

Human beings have amazing talents.  What if people pursued their gifts and did exactly what they wanted to do?  Would the world be a better place?  Jen Sincero’s “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life,” encourages individuals to embrace their authentic self, dream big and make money.

Author Sincero begins the book with looking at behavioral pathologies.  She gives examples of how the subconscious mind manages to limit and bully us into believing that dreams don’t or cannot come true.  She says the first step is to become aware of the subconscious thinking and override it, allowing a change in conscious thought.


Sincero insists it is important to open your mind and believe in a higher power.  She suggests that to tap into your most awesome self, you must commit to developing an awareness and a relationship with the magical energy of the universe.  Call it God, or whatever works for you.  She uses “Source Energy.”  One must harness the power of The Universe “to create the reality you desire.”

Once connected, Sincero says you must continue to believe – have faith – that your awesomeness and dreams are available regardless of your present circumstances.  She recommends staying in touch with the universe and keeping your frequency high (via gratitude) which will help take decisive action and eventually bring about the success you desire.

“The Big Snooze” is how Sincero describes our false self or the part of us that is weak and frightened.  She says we need to wake up to how truly powerful we are and how abundant and generous the universe is towards us.  Sincero points out that we live in a fear-based society and encourages people to get out of the comfort zone and follow the heart.

Moving toward “Badassness” implementation, Sincero shares that it is essential to love yourself well.  In some cases, she says in order to rise to the occasion you may have to relearn everything to indeed believe you are good enough and deserving to have what you want.  She encourages positive affirmations to get you back to the truth of being loveable, capable and one with the universe.

Comparing yourself to others is a no win battle.  Sincero says it is about your truth and no one else’s.  She warns against relying on praise, approval from others or outside validation to prove self-worth.  She writes: “All that matters is what’s true for you, and if you can stay connected to that without straying, you will be a mighty superhero.”

There are five sections in the book that progressively instill the art of becoming self-actualized and a badass.  Being a badass is about not letting anyone trample on your dreams and ambitions. 

Sincero diligently delivers — as promised in the subtitle — “how to” stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life.  Nearly every chapter ends with steps toward understanding what it takes to move into the life you always wanted. 

At the end of the chapter “Your Brain is Your Bitch” about overcoming our self-destructive thoughts, Sincero offers five ways to show your brain who’s boss:  “Ask and it is Given,” “Act as if,”  “Upgrade Your Environment,” “Make a Vision Board,” “Surround Yourself with People Who Think the Way You Want to Think,” and “Love Yourself.”

Sincero always ends with a “Love Yourself” statement pertaining to the chapter.

“You Are a Badass” is a joyful and encouraging read.  Sincero is often hilarious.  Reading this book is like enjoying a stand-up routine with all the sophisticated insight and wisdom that sharp comics bring forth to make an indelible point about life.

I always like it when a self-help author gets personal and shares stories about the lessons they learned.  Sincero reveals how she overcame her fear about traveling alone.  One of the best stories is her experience in India.  A delightful tale about connecting with people in a place that is so utterly different.

Sincero is without a doubt tapped into the energy field that is the universe. She is adamant that to have success, one must always show gratitude to the “Source Energy,” The Universe or God.  I believe Sincero has something meaningful and valid to offer anybody who wants more money in the bank and a more fulfilled existence. 

Sincero’s book is fearless, encouraging and honest.  She makes it seem possible and doable to achieve your dreams and become your best self.  The book is geared to all ages – not just millennials — and is not gender specific although, clearly, she writes from a female perspective.  She includes her website to stay in touch and a list of books for further reading and enlightenment.   She also recommends hiring a life-coach for continued help.

I like to imagine a world where everyone is doing the very thing they dream of doing.  It would be the happiest, kindest and most generous place in the universe.  Maybe that’s why we exist in the first place.