By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

Do you remember what life was like before the internet?

If you are a millennial, probably not. The rest of us remember but it seems unimaginable that we could have gotten anything done in our lives without it. We waited for mail to arrive in our mailboxes, we had to write driving directions down on a piece of paper after laboring over tiny colored lines on a map, we needed to go to the library to research using reference books that may or may not have been outdated. These days we use technological connectivity for ALL of that and more…and in an instant.

For those of us who came up in the old era, the world of technology and instant communication has served to awaken our minds to a new way of being. If you look at the history of human evolution and you compare this tech era to other eras of awakening, this shift has happened at a startling rate. The world, and human beings have embraced a totally new mindset with passion. Why is that? And what makes this era different from the others?


One of the reasons, beyond pure convenience, for human beings to have welcomed the tech era with open arms is that, spiritually, we are moving into the Unity paradigm. Our motivational undercurrent moves us toward anything that brings people together. This is our overarching spiritual goal – to create unity among human beings. The ability to connect instantly with people across the globe meets that goal. Furthermore, the internet frees up our time from tasks that distract us from focusing on spiritual goals. Human beings have the potential to accelerate their spiritual productivity in this new era.

We are only just crossing the threshold of the new era, so what comes next? If the internet is fostering deeper and more profound levels of connectivity among human beings, and we are responding with enthusiasm, could it be that the inception of digital connectivity in our global society is training ground for what comes next in our spiritual development?

There is a vast Universal network out there that exists beyond the parameters of time and space. It’s like an internet café on steroids. Imagine the possibilities as we awaken to THAT network!

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