If you are familiar with the concept of authenticity and how it applies to the journey of awakening, you are probably well aware that “faking it” just won’t cut it in this context.

Have you ever faked it? If you have, how did that work out for you? Typically, you are the only one who gets short changed in that scenario! (wink wink)

If you have been following this column you know that it corresponds with the video series “Awaken with Lizzy B and Aimee” and that we are taking you on a guided tour of awakening using the concepts in Aimee’s book (Gratitude + Forgiveness x Love = Happiness) as our platform.


It’s important to remember that Rome was not built in a day. Great things are accomplished when they are done step-by-step. We are proposing that the next step you take with us on this journey happens with intent to connect fully with your authentic self. No more faking it!

As the title of the book states, “Gratitude + Forgiveness x Love = Happiness”. This is a true statement. This formula does equal happiness, assuming you can feel and express gratitude, forgiveness and love from the heart. Many people get stuck here, fall back on destructive habits and short change themselves by faking it. The fact of the matter is it doesn’t help you if you do this. There is no benefit to expressing gratitude, forgiveness or love if it’s not real. Trust us when we tell you that the Universe knows how to spot a knock off.

We can share with you a really easy way to roll out the red carpet for gratitude, forgiveness and love. A simple shift in perspective will do the trick every time.

Try this perspective on: the reason we have stuffed our beautiful and brilliant souls into these bodies is to LEARN through a physical existence. We are not just here to clean toilets, pick up our kids from soccer, answer to our bosses or pay taxes. (although of course, we will still do these things) Our main objective as human beings is to learn through experience. Everybody is the same in that regard. We all have different ways of getting the job done, but that’s the goal.

If you can re-frame every event in your life with that perspective then no matter what you experience, how you experience it and who you encounter, will be of value to you because you will grow as a result. Therefore, any event is worthy of your gratitude.

It’s all down-hill when you get used to the idea that the events of your life are ALL valuable learning opportunities, even the ones that involve painful exchanges with other people. When this belief rules your thoughts and the emotions you produce, then true forgiveness becomes a piece of gluten-free cake with organic icing that you want to share with others. Then love flows and happiness follows suit. I dare you to be become more “real” with yourself…your happiness is waiting!

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