Puffiness, dark circles, crowsfeet and well- worn wrinkles eventually plague us all. Sometimes they appear alone, other times they visit in a team. The list of ingredients to combat your occular woes are long and hard to pronounce. Half of the products claim the latest and greatest discovery with strange names we’ve never heard of which leave us to wonder what it all means and if the greedy cosmetic and skin care companies are playing a cruel joke on our egos and pocket books.
For years I was skeptical of eye creams, mostly because I hadn’t reached the proper level of maturity to warrant their use. But as I grower wiser from experience and now have the lines with which to test the miracle creams and serums on, I’d like to share a few valuable tips on how to choose the right fix for your face and perfect the application process of your chosen product. Men, this is for you too!
Cream vs Serum:
Creams are heavy on hydration, which is key to a youthful appearance. But save heavy night creams for night only. The weight of the product will ruin eye makeup. Even daytime cream and lotions have tendency to leave a greasy residue. Stick with serums. Although a serum is usually more expensive, serums contain a higher concentration of the active ingredients, therefore making the product more effective. Serums also absorb better, without leaving any greasy residue so eye makeup stays in place over it. If you found an eye cream you love but notice streaks from your mascara, you may need to switch to a waterproof mascara that won’t give way so easily (okay, that part doesn’t apply to most men). Often time beauty counters give away samples and dermatologists have testers. Don’t be afraid to try them and ask plenty of questions before you make a purchase.
Ingredients to look for:
Fine lines and wrinkles: Hyaluronic acid, Peptides such as Argireline, retinol, seaweed extracts and antioxidants.
Puffiness: Caffeine and cooling agents.
Dark Circles: Vitamin K, Vitamin C, niacinamide and other antioxidants.
Prevent and protect:
Prevention and protection is always key. Start with a good pair of UVA/UVB protecting sunglasses to shade your lookers from the ever aging sun. Some eye treatments even contain sunscreen gentle enough for use around the eyes which adds an extra layer of protection. Elite Serum is the current product everyone is raving about which claims to lift, firm, smooth, reduce puffiness and dark circles. And it’s made in the USA! It’s challenging to find one product that will address multiple issues. In the case of topical eye treatments and other anti-aging products, I look for the product to contain as many
ingredients as possible to target my concerns. Don’t waste time and money buying one product for wrinkles and another for dark circles and another for puffiness.

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