Still Right On Track to Becoming Your Favorite Jam Band
Performing Live and Free @ Schmidy’s Tavern this Saturday, September 6th @ 8 PM

by Lisa Morgan

“Right On Right On is what would happen if you put the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the band Phish in a blender and added a shot of happy.” That is what award winning radio personality, Bradley Ryan (RR Broadcasting’s Mix 100.5), had to say of this four piece, local born and raised band of troubadours. At their core, these music makers are a jam band that grew from a simple but strong blues-rock foundation and developed into an eclectic power posse with a magic bag of original tunes that could fill an average work day with overtime. If there was a ska/funk/blues/jazz/pop/alternative EDM/rock chart, these guys would own it.
The band contains four exclusively talented musicians: Adam Gainey on lead vocals, guitar and bass; John Quinn on lead guitar; Ben Crowson on drums and Wes Gainey on synth and bass. Quinn, plays the guitar with the heart and hands of an old soul while keeping his licks and overall sound creatively fresh and unexpected. The band’s addition of Wes on his MicroKorg synth and Music Man Bongo 4 bass one year ago has now become seamless and an intrinsic part of their sound. Adam takes on the vocal mic and lead guitar with absolute soulful finesse while Ben anchors the vast array of creativity being conducted before him.

Like no other local band I’ve seen, these four play so psychically together, one might think that they’ve played their songs exactly that way hundreds of times before. The truth of the matter is, while every song has its structure, even the players don’t know how it’s going to turn out “this time”. They make the unrehearsed look and sound flawlessly fantastic. Their superpower is their intuition which they use to create incredible music right before your eyes. You will NEVER see the same Right On Right On show twice. It’s a kind of magic you don’t find with just any combination of players. The overall musicality of this band is legitimate, but above and beyond that, they have something that many bands find themselves lacking after years of playing – pure joy. “This band really came together over campfires and barbecues,” shared Ben. “We just enjoy hanging and playing with each other. I think our live shows emit that energy.”

According to front man Adam, when they first started getting together, “We just wanted to hang out and play. Pursuing gigs wasn’t a direction we were altogether sure we wanted to go in at first. None of us really intended it. We all have jobs and/or kids. But once we started playing in front of people, the vibe we created together would seem to just grow in the room. The reciprocation you get from a room full of people when they hear it and feel what you’re doing…well, there’s something about that that makes you want to go after it over and over again.”


Right On Right On is yet further testimony to the desert’s growing and intensely talented music scene. They have won in the early rounds of the last two Battle of the Bands they’ve competed in. But their real prize is their growing fan base. While their intuitive and creative evolutionary style of playing is thrilling to watch, capturing a good representation can be incredibly difficult in a studio. So to truly see and hear what this band uniquely delivers, for now, you will have to make it to a live show. That being said, if you’re needing an infusion of pure musical rock and roll joy (the kind that makes you throw your fist in the air like Judd Nelson at the end of the Breakfast Club) the boys of Right On Right On will be happy to accommodate.

Right On Right On will be at Schmidy’s Tavern in Palm Desert this Saturday night, September 6th. Local artists, Techno Hillbillies and I.J. Paleface will be joining them. This free show will start at 8pm.
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Photos By Scott Pam Photography