By Rebecca Pikus

Far Out! Not just because artist Rom Lammar came to us all the way from Luxenbourg(!) But because his sci-fi paintings transport the imagination to the far reaches of the Universe, and alternate worlds.  His current paintings are reminiscent of the great French painter, sculptor, & filmmaker Fernand Leger, Cubist and forerunner of Pop Art.

Born in 1956, Lammar began as a self-taught landscape painter in the 1980’s, creating watercolor paintings about the city and the country of Luxembourg.  During the 1990’s, Lammar’s work quickly evolved into more and more imaginary compositions. Rom made a round the world trip from November 1992 to May 1994 and felt inspired by different cultures – he was experimenting with different materials, tools and colors, increasing the use of nontraditional elements, like sand, wood, rusted metal pieces, rope, and small stones. That eventually led him to Abstract Expressionism.

“Whether in minimalist geometric mixed-media abstractions or explosively dynamic expressionist paintings, Rom Lammar’s canvases possess a fascinating and enigmatic beauty. The Luxembourg-based artist works in a variety of styles, but with each he demonstrates a pitch-perfect sensibility to composition, color and structure. The effect is never disorderly; Lammar crafts the sense of movement and depth with attention to every jutting form, spinning line and glowing hue.”

(Excerpt of a press release by Agora Gallery – Chelsea, New York; Nov. 2009)

Fréderic de Claremont: former gallery director of “Rivegauche Galleries” in Scottsdale, Arizona, describes Lammar’s artworks: “Bold, adventurous and free are words that can be used to describe Rom Lammar’s life as well as his paintings. Rom’s works are full of intensity and sensibility. They have captivated me, and have deeply moved me. In that respect, Rom Lammar is more than an artist: he is a true visionary. Rom Lammar is one of the best abstract artists I know. His paintings are full of life, energy, and just spectacular. The magic of Lammar’s compositions is based on the way he uses depth, light and shadow to set the overall mood of his paintings.”

Lammar’s work is highly influenced by sculptural forms and texture: “Although my creations are very intuitive and based on a great spontaneity, I never forget the basic principles of a good abstract composition: the right space division, unity, fineness of form and a certain degree of mystery.  In many ways, my paintings could be considered as inner landscapes.” His paintings have been recognized internationally by galleries & publications. Over the last 30 years, his work has been shown in galleries in Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, France, Italy, Canada and USA.  He spends half his time between Luxenbourg and his Palm Springs home, together with his beautiful wife Luisa.  Rebecca Fine Art Gallery is proud to be Lammar’s exclusive representative in the United States.

Rom Lammar – Exhibit “This.Is.Now” – Opening Night Sat. April 8, 5-8PM (through June 30)  – REBECCA FINE ART GALLERY, 68895 Perez Rd, #7, Cathedral City, Ca   – (760) 534-5888   Open Bar, Music, Great Art