Santa Barbara CA 

Article & Photos By Lynne Tucker

Nestled below the quaint steps of historic State Street, the Salt Cave in Santa Barbara are forged from 200 million-year-old Himalayan pink salt that seem to rise from the surrounding salt beds like some mythical village.

Created from the crystalized sea salt beds of the Khewra Salt Range of northern Pakistan, visitors are hushed into serenity of the cave for a rejuvenating experience unlike any other in the heart of the coastal resort town.

Visitors spend about an hour in the dim caves, relaxing on gravity-defying chairs, listening to calming music, and breathing in the therapeutic salty air. The environment is supposed to benefit one’s emotional state and ease respiratory problems, including asthma and allergies.


Former geologist Mike McCaskey and his wife Pamela, who has a background in fitness, are the owners and share their mission of providing a unique place to relax and experience the wonder of ancient crystalline salt through salt cave sessions, spa treatments, and products made locally.

Drop in to feel great at Salt. They are committed to health and a sense of community. Since 2012, their business has featured pink Himalayan salt in crystal cave rooms, massage and facial treatments, and in their unique products they make in Santa Barbara for the home, body and cooking. They also import many Himalayan salt products that are designed for the home. Ask them about wholesale of their products for your business.

  • We are featured in the top travel and destination publications
  • We manufacture our products in Santa Barbara
  • We use pure essential oils
  • We source the best natural ingredients
  • We offer competitive wholesale pricing
  • We import the highest quality Himalayan salt and salt lamps
  • We offer high quality health care minerals
  • We engineered the largest underground man made salt cave in the US

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Salt Cave Pricing:

Large Himalayan Salt Cave:

  • Up to 25 people
  • Friday-Saturday: 60 min $495/hour
  • Monday-Thursday: 60 min $400/hour

Small Himalayan Salt Cave:

  • Up to 7 people
  • Friday-Saturday: 60 min $395/hour
  • Monday-Thursday: 60 min $350/hour

Event Enhancements:

  • Mini Facials: $35
  • Chair Massage: $25
  • Tea Bar: $15
  • Private Instructor: $75-$350

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Think Salt Caves and Enjoy this Unique Experience!