Friday, December 8th, 2017  9PM–2AM

By Esther Sanchez

What better way to kick off the weekend than to head downtown Palm Springs and rock out for a truly fantastic cause? A long list of kick-ass, local performers including The After Lashes, Upper Class Poverty, Chris Williams, Sacred Valley, MC Cricket and more, will be gathering together to raise funds for the local, non-profit organization, Music Heals Inc.

Music Heals Inc. provides musical therapies and instruments to children, teens and young adults on the Autism spectrum. The central location of Music Heals Inc. is a super-hip, kitschy, retail establishment located downtown on Palm Canyon Dr. directly across from the Hyatt Hotel. I recently visited the store and was immediately delighted at the stellar collection of vintage vinyl, clothing, artwork, accessories, knick knacks and pretty much anything that is rock & roll. All of the merchandise is donated, (for a nice tax-deduction) and the proceeds go to music oriented services and equipment for extremely deserving youth. 

On my visit to the store I had a chat with the founder of Music Heals Inc., Jason Nutter, who works for multiple school districts teaching music to students on the Autism spectrum. He beams with pride as he thumbs through the stores uber-rad selection of vinyl records. Nutter: “Some of our students work in the store. This place is here for them and they are invested in it. We opened 5 or 6 months ago after I applied for non-profit licensing and received a private donation that made this place possible.”


Nutter continues: “We have actually had rock stars come in and donate items. Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails came in and donated some autographed posters and some CDs. Don Dokken of Dokken lives in the area and donated some band merch. The Animals donated some stuff, Tim Armstrong from Rancid…It’s been great.”

Nutter continues: “We have a lot in store for this place for the future. It is intended to be a venue and a place for community. We are building a stage here in the corner. I want to be able to have local artists not only come in and perform, but be able to sell their music and merch in the store.”

I asked Jason what Music Heals is hoping to accomplish with funds raised at The School House Rock Christmas Benefit. Nutter: “We want to be able to purchase 25 guitars which I think is totally doable. We are asking for a $10.00 donation at the door but, in addition we have a bunch of items and gift baskets that will be available at the Rock & Roll Raffle and of course, a lot of great entertainment.”

Music Heals Inc. accepts donations of automobiles, instruments, records, clothing and “odd items.” To learn more about the event and this fantastic organization you can call them at 909-435-9705 or like them on Better yet, stop by and see for yourself at 280 N. Palm Canyon Drive.