By Rich Henrich

One of the remarkable aspects of Contact in the Desert is the opportunity to bring some of the most interesting minds to the center stage for in depth exchange and perspectives. This year, former Senator (and presidential candidate) Mike Gravel will attend and share his knowledge of “Deep Government” and how fear plays a major role in governmental power. Mike Gravel was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1930. He enlisted in the U.S. Army (1951-54) and served as a Special Agent in the Counter Intelligence Corps.  He received a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University and holds four honorary degrees. He served in the Alaska House of Representatives as Speaker (1965-66) and represented Alaska in the U.S. Senate (1969-81). He forced the end of the military draft and lead Congressional authorization of the Alaska Pipeline. He officially released the Pentagon Papers facilitating their publication as The Senator Gravel Edition, Pentagon Papers, resulting in a Supreme Court decision based on the Speech and Debate Clause of the American Constitution. He was a presidential candidate in the 2008 election. He authored Citizen Power and co-authored A Political Odyssey and The Kingmakers.

His lecture at Contact in the Desert will be A New Paradigm of Human Governance. The new paradigm is direct democracy, where citizens are empowered to make laws at all levels of government. Lawmaking is the central power of government. Had the people been endowed with this power the government would never have been allowed to keep UFO knowledge from the people. The only way we can strip this power from government censors is to empower citizens with the sovereignty of governance by enacting the National Citizens Initiative for Democracy.

CVW: How did you become interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

Senator Gravel: “I always had a latent interest but it wasn’t focused until much later in life but it was a subject I never dismissed. When (Dr.) Kevin Barrett invited me to (Citizen Hearing on Disclosure), I decided to go. It was unbelievably revealing! They managed to bring people together and have a Congressional style hearing on UFOs that helped me refocus. Contact is another great opportunity to explore further the nature of why the U.S. government does not want to disclose anything about UFOs.”

CVW: Why do you think our government and others do not want to talk about UFOs or the possible existence of E.Ts?

SG: “It’s the nature of government- power begets secrecy. Power engages secrecy. It’s what keeps those in power separate from ordinary citizens. It’s not just government but also our military culture and the elite. When I say elite, I refer to the 1% that really controls this country, the power brokers on Wall Street, the heads of military industrial complex, the far religious right, those who control society. The agent that sustains all of this power is secrecy.”

CVW: Are they afraid how people will react to this confirmed knowledge that we are not alone?

SG: “You’ve heard the terminology ‘People can’t handle the truth?’ Well, it’s the opposite. The People can handle more that the Elite who prop wash to protect their power. We are denied what goes on now. Other countries have sighting or even crashes, our military uses it’s power to go to other countries and grab the evidence to take it back to the U.S. so it no longer exists! There is a “Deep Government” that exists.”

CVW: How does this “Deep Government” work?

SG: “Well, if you want to investigate, you are automatically a conspiracy nut. It’s like 9/11, which I feel is an inside job after researching all I could access and reviewing testimony. As soon as you say it, you are a conspiracy nut. UFOs are the same except it affects us all in a global way. There are those in powerful positions, beyond the President that have control. Mainstream media is a tool of the elite to control society and culture. They maintain a code of ignorance and secrecy in order to maintain their agenda.”

CVW: What is something that surprises you most about how Deep Government works?

SG: “The UN has a global commission to investigate UFOs yet it is not funded. The U.S. makes sure other countries do not fund it either. JFK wanted to make peace not war. They assassinated him.”

CVW: How do we fix it?

SG: “I believe through direct democracy. Representative democracy may have reached the end of the road. We need a new methodology with procedures for law and legislation that is direct from the people.”

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