As a charitable culinary community center operating out of a full restaurant, ShareKitchen participants have access to a shared kitchen facility that serves as a test kitchen where aspiring restaurateurs can develop their menus and recipes in addition to providing space for product development and small batch production for local distribution. The operation of ShareKitchen from a full service restaurant allows a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their talents by way of “pop-up dinners” where new restaurant concepts can be tested and refined before moving out into the marketplace. This is an invaluable research tool which allows for the entrepreneur to interact with the community and receive feedback.

A key component of the program is the comprehensive business development program which provides assistance to start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs with the goal being to improve their chances of growing into healthy, sustainable food related businesses. An industry specific board of advisors will oversee the development and growth of these businesses as they move out into the community insuring a successful launch and continued sustainability.

Additional community offerings include educational sessions, hospitality training and special events. Guest chefs will also be a regular feature at ShareKitchen with their kitchen support coming from ShareKitchen participants and students of local valley culinary programs. This provides a wide range of culinary experiences in a real life setting.

The ShareKitchen program fills a need in our community that is not currently being addressed anywhere in Riverside County. Chef’s Center of Pasadena is a long standing example of how shared kitchen and business development support programs can benefit a community and create jobs. They showcase their participants through their Friday Food Truck Festival and regular Food Fairs. We hope to make a difference in our community as they have done in theirs.

Opening Fall 2012

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