Your smartphone has some amazing apps that can help you when preparing a meal.

Kitchen Math helps you determine the time it takes to cook different foods of different sizes in the kitchen while telling you the perfect serving temperature.  It converts every measurement unit into any other measurement unit that you might need to complete any recipe.

To find recipes, Epicurious is an app that helps you determine what to make and how to make it.  It is ideal for the working person on the go who wants to make something special for dinner as the portability makes it easy to buy all of the ingredients needed at the grocery store.

Now if your other half is doing the shopping, you might want to get the Shopping List app for each of your smartphones.  It is a quick way to remind your partner what to buy while at the store.  What makes this app particularly useful is that you can take pictures of the items you have at home so that there is no confusion as to which brand of any product you need.

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