Founded in 1984, this family-owned business started as one pizzeria in Portland, Oregon. Over the last twenty-nine years, HotLips has grown to 135 employees across five pizzerias, a number of food trucks, a shared commissary kitchen and a bottling operation for its award-winning micro-brewed sodas.

HotLips has united with ShareKitchen in expanding their products into the Southern California market. ShareKitchen will serve as the exclusive distributor from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and across Riverside County to Arizona.

As recognized by numerous world judges with awards including the distinction of “Best New Soda” in 2010 by BevNet, HotLips is unlike any other carbonated beverages on store shelves and in restaurants in that each batch is minimally processed. For example, the black raspberry soda is made from locally sourced produce where only the seeds are removed. Each pasteurized and lightly carbonated batch is made of only fruit juice, fruit pulp, a little pure cane sugar and organic lemon juice.

Other flavors include a Pear Soda enhanced by a high-quality vanilla bean. This is a favorite of ours over ice or when mixed with vodka. The Hawaiian Ginger Ale is made from the rare yellow ginger root found at Kauai Organic Farms. When you taste this craft soda, you will notice the full flavor of ginger without the cloying sugar mask of other ginger ales. Other award-winning flavors include Raspberry, Marionberry and an assortment of seasonal flavors like Cranberry.


If you are interested in learning more about this unique product, email us at or call 760-459-4259.

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