By Michelle Ann Rizzio

Shoogies are a new product coming to the recreational cannabis market that exceed normal categories of cannabis because it’s a sugar. Yes that is correct–”Shoogies” are boxes with 20 stick packs of cannabis infused cane sugar or agave. The company describes themselves as: “Brilliant packs offering a discreet way for the market to include cannabis into their lifestyle. Shoogies are cannabis-infused sweeteners available with agave or cane sugar designed to integrate cannabis into your daily life. It’s an on-the-go, use anywhere, use anytime, sweet treat that brings joy to the things you already do every day. Shoogies lets you change the way you cocktail, bake, eat, and drink, knowing you are ingesting only the purest ingredients.”

Shoogies was created in part to erase the stigma of cannabis and make it more accessible to mainstream consumption for overall wellness. I’ve had the opportunity to try the product and enjoy both of the agave and sugar packets. I was surprised to discover that there is absolutely no cannabis flavor at all. I absolutely foresee these packets taking off and being the perfect addition to a cannabis user’s purse or backpack for their daily dose of THC. They are easy to travel with and I could see them making it onto a list of must haves in Vogue. I sat down with Latham Woodard the CEO of Shoogies to learn more about the product.

CV Weekly: How much does it retail for?


LW: $24 for the sugar, for 20 packs of sugar. 20 packets of agave for $28.

CV Weekly: What has the reception been like in the dispensaries?

LW: Universally it’s been like, “We have nothing like that. We have nothing in this category and the box is beautiful.” My branding is really important to me and people are reacting to it well.

CV Weekly: How does it taste?

LW: Like sugar and like agave. No different

CV Weekly: What is the process of infusing the sugar?

LW: That’s proprietary, it’s much more complicated than I thought it would be and it’s been a real learning experience.

CV Weekly: Do you use distillate or full spectrum oil?

LW: Distillate. We would like to do full spectrum but it can shift the flavor. We want our product to be just like sugar, so that way you can just integrate it into your life and is indistinguishable from sugar. We don’t want you to have a different taste profile than you are used to. This becomes a no brainer for use.

CV Weekly: How many milligrams are in each packet?

LW: 5mg per packet. The sugar and agave help the bloodstream absorb quickly. I usually recommend trying one and seeing how it goes.

CV Weekly: Are your sources for sugar and agave organic?

LW: Yes. The sugar is cane, USDA certified organic and my agave is also USDA certified organic and also is certified biodynamic in Europe. I’m getting the highest purity in my sources here. My sugar comes out of Costa Rica and my agave comes from Mexico.

CV Weekly: Who is your distributor?

LW: We are partnered with Apex, and their live resin is so awesome. They have a good standing in shops throughout California.

CV Weekly: What shops can the Shoogies currently be found in?

LW: Green Cross Pharma, Cathedral City Care Collective, OG Collective, Iguana Collective, and Bare Dispensary.

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