THIS SATURDAY, February 7th @ 9pm

By Lisa Morgan

If you’ve been feeling a warming trend here in the desert, it is very likely that it can be blamed on the encroachment of a fresh, hot duo heading our way – Sir Madam. Riding the asphalt wave from Huntington Beach, Sir Madam, comprised of Kishori Holiday and Andrew Garza, Sir Madam will be playing in our desert for the first time. Staying in the cabin her grandfather built just outside of Joshua Tree, the weekend will serve as much as a spiritual retreat as an opportunity to do what they love, Saturday, February 7th at Schmidy’s Tavern. They will be accompanied by some of the best uniquely original bands our valley has to offer: The Hick Ups, Right On Right On, and Wicked Tongues, a great combination of expert level originality and musicianship.

It’s impossible to not compare the power-two-piece to Jack White and White Stripes. It’s even harder to not compare Holiday’s voice to the fabulous Chrissie Hynde. The similarities are an after-thought though, as their uniqueness is what tickles your ears and senses first. Perhaps it’s the pinch of metal and punk, and the rawness of Holiday’s vocals and guitar technique atop the deliciously articulate rhythms of Garza, an absolute passionate, technician on drums. The skill level that causes these two simple pieces to have the presence of four, is a special kind of magic.

Speaking with Holiday was easy. As you sit back and listen, the passion for her craft, her faith in this 2 year old adventure with Garza, and her love for her family are impossible to miss. Growing up in Huntington Beach, Holiday was the kid sister of world renowned, Joey Hawkins, the only world champion long boarder to come out of Surf City. The girl may have had more rockstar moments growing up in the surf community than she has in the music world, but she remembers them fondly, still idolizing her big brother. She could hold her own on the water, but dad had guitars laying around, and when she picked it up at age 11, her course was set.


Sir Madam’s 2014 debut album, Crooked Teeth, was recorded at the Station house in 3 days. CV Weekly music expert and columnist, Eleni P. Austin says of the album, “This is a nearly perfect debut. Kishori Holiday’s playing is sharp and concise. Her vocals recall the take-no-prisoner style of progenitors like Patti Smith, Chrissie Hynde and Exene Cervenka. Andrew Garza isn’t content to simply keep time. He pounds his kit with economy and authority.” Austin adds, “Crackling with intensity, Holiday and Garza have crafted an audacious debut. Sir Madam has come up with the first great album of 2014.”

“Just a few takes for each song,” Holiday shared. “got the fresh, hot takes and the immediacy and laid it down before it lost its lust. We recorded “Midnight Tower” together, all at once. It was an amazing way to capture the song and what we do. Scott Holiday from Rival Sons produced it, and he knows how to bring out our sound. The guitar I used was a 1960 Gibson Melody Maker P90. There was no auto-tune. We just captured the real thing. People like our shows because it sounds like the record.”

“I’m not a shredder, guitar player, or an American Idol singer, and that’s ok,” Holiday laughed. You don’t have to be Joe Satriani to make a difference in music. Imperfections are the things that speak to me the most.”

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Better yet, make sure you are at Schmidy’s Tavern, Saturday, February 7th at 9pm to hear the real deal. Schmidy’s Tavern is located on the corner of Fred Waring Drive and Highway 111, next to Men’s Warehouse.