By H. Simmons

A Truly Chic Boutique

Our desert is a very stylish place and people here take pride in the way they look.  Some people may nurture their style more than others, but we all strive to look our very best and communicate something about who we are as we move about in the world.   Clothing is one of the creative and exciting ways we express ourselves.



Soho is a new boutique that caters to discerning women who are looking for something new and unique, stylish and fashionable.   It is the quintessential little boutique with a myriad of colorful clothing, one-of-a-kind handbags and unique accessories that convey spirit, charisma and charm.  Soho’s inventory is thoughtfully considered to accommodate our casual and relaxed, yet elegant and refined desert lifestyle.


“I wanted clothing that I really wanted to wear — something that really excited me.  I opened Soho because the shopping here in the desert just didn’t have what I was looking for,” said Soho owner Alona Salama.  “The department stores, the mall, the name brands and corporations have all the same things.  I want something that is fashionable but different.  When I see something I like — I love it and want to wear it!”  Alona has been working in the fashion business since she was 14 years old.   She knew if she was feeling frustrated by the mundane clothing in ordinary stores, other women probably felt the same way she did.


Although just a block away from pricey El Paseo, it is very important to Alona that the clothing in Soho be affordable!  She believes quality does not have to come with a high price tag.  Soho has accessories, handbags and apparel from $15 to $75.  For the holidays she had evening and party dresses that were $60 to $70.  The average price is $38.


To keep the inventory fresh, Alona personally selects the merchandise and keeps orders small — sometimes only getting six of each item. “I buy things that are in fashion today and will be in fashion for years to come,” said Alona.  The selections are mostly made up of small, medium and large sizes.  The pants start at size zero and go up to thirteen.  New items come into the store every week.


“A lot of the pieces here make a statement when you wear them.  When you walk down the street you are not going to see it on somebody else,” said Anat Srylovitz, Soho’s sales associate. “When someone comes in, we can guide them to what they like.  We work with our customers to create something that is comfortable and will look nice on them.”  Anat and Alona love clothing, enjoy their customers and want their clients to look great!  They are honest about what looks best and fits for every customer.


Soho appeals to women who feel ageless.  Soho’s clientele range from 30 to 75 years old.   They are attracted by the vibrant style and appreciate the contempory fashion.  They are women who like to look good, feel good, be comfortable and remain stylish at any age.


One great thing that Soho carries is a “Brazilian butt jean.”  They are cut like jeans and are designed to flatter and shape your bottom — there is no bag or sag in these pants.  The fabric is the same thickness as jeans but is soft and moveable.  They look fantastic and come in royal blue, salmon, brown, white and black.  The have metallic snake skin pants in silver, bronze and gold tints.  These are great fun, fit perfectly and make a bold statement.  The price is $48 to $54.


There are a wonderful variety of blouses and tops.  Beaded camis, animal prints, shear tops and off shoulder or half shoulder long sleeves and many, many more fantastic styles.  The fabrics are mostly blends, perfect for the desert and washable in most cases.  The dresses are chic in simplicity but are bold in colors like silver or bronze.  There are many one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and scarves.  They even have shoes — some wedges and slip-ons with enough style to be noticeably different.


Soho is full of surprises and is a full service boutique when it comes to making you look good.  What makes Soho even more special is that it also has a salon on the premises.


For $19.95, Soho offers a shampoo and blowout.  “This is such a great thing to do.  My friends say I am the best at it.  You will look so terrific,” said an enthusiastic Alona.  “We can find you a great outfit and do your hair.  You’ll be ready to go out!”


Carrielane Tribulski is an esthetician who operates the Hot Spot Wax Lounge in Soho.  She does a full array of waxing for both men and women — from brow to Brazilian. Carrielane is also a masseuse.  She charges just $45 for 50 minutes.  “I believe massage is vital to good health.   Massage is so important that I keep my prices down so my clients can get them on a regular basis,” said Carrielane.  Hot Spot Wax Lounge is a private room at the back of the boutique.  Carrielane is sweet, considerate and attentive to her customers.  She does all types of massage from deep tissue to hot stones.  Facials are $45 — European or Deluxe and include peels if desired for no extra charge.


Soho is a pleasant place to shop.  There is ample space, it has plenty of natural lighting and is nicely organized.  It invites you to linger and relax.  Many clients have come to just chat and try on clothes and have become friends with Alona and Anat.  Visitors in February can register with Alona or Anat for a chance to win a $100 Soho gift certificate.


Located on the same block as Tony Roma’s, Soho is at 73-221 Hwy 111, Suite C.  There is parking in front and in back.  For more information call 760 346-0967 or become Facebook friends at Soho Palm Desert.

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