With winter perching comfortably upon our Coachella Valley Mountain ranges, there are several things we can expect; fascinating outdoor events, shorter days, cooler temperatures, and wetter weather. With all this comes a landslide of ancillary by-products.

Solar energy is a powerful proponent that energizes the Coachella Valley. It’s not uncommon to drive on the main roads and not see those black squares atop rooves. You’ll undoubtedly see an array of billboards displaying the latest solar energy installer(s), but without a professional company to care for your solar panels, all the advertising and panels in the world won’t help solar panels function at their best – especially as the winter weather moves in.

Nick Anderson aka “Dr. Anderson”, and his company, SOLAR PANEL DOCTORS, have been serving the Coachella Valley and its surrounding communities for close to a decade and are now taking the time to address solar panel owner’s questions.


This week in “SOLAR PANEL – DOCTORS DERECTIVES”, Dr. Anderson addresses “the weather”.

Cheryl of Palm Desert asks: “Dr. Anderson, I was told that I don’t need to worry about having my solar panels cleaned regularly during winter because rainy days help clean panels. Is this true? Thank you, Dr. Anderson”.

Dr. Anderson’s response: Hi Cheryl, thank you for asking the first question of our new column. It seems that when it rains panels appear to be clean. However, when our team investigate, they are found to be extremely dirty. Over the course of the last 3 to 8 years solar panels have seen some extremely heavy rain in Southern California and are (for lack of a nicer word) the dirtiest solar panels in California. The answer to your question Cheryl is “no”. While rain can make a temporary difference to solar panels they still require to be inspected, maintained, and cleaned on a regular basis – at least once every 3 months if your goal is to improve solar panel efficiency and save the most amount of money on energy bills.

We love to educate and help others know the importance of solar care, and helping clients pay back their solar investment in a timely manner by properly maintaining, cleaning, and making sure panels are working efficiently. Thanks for the question, Cheryl. We look forward to the next! – ‘Dr. Anderson’”.

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