In December of 2016 I interviewed Josh Hall who is a member of the popular, local hip-hop duo, Thr3 Strykes as well as other notable musical collaborations such as the rock/rap fusion band DirtyX’s and the percussion driven group, Drum Hall that included his older brother Steven Hall who is a notable musician in his own right. As I mentioned in the original article, the moniker SonStormer has unique symbolism for Josh. “Hall is part of a musical legacy and has grown up in an atmosphere that, if nothing else… nurtured his creativity, natural musicality and charisma. His father, noted drummer Steve Hall Sr. was a member of the popular 70s/80s hard-rock band, Stormer…a clear indication for the inspiration for naming Josh’s newest project.”

The story in 2016 was regarding the announcement of Hall’s breakout move to launch SonStormer, the personification of his solo project. Seeing as how after releasing some solid singles, the SonStormer project seemed to have been shelved for some time, I obviously had questions about the time gap between releases.

Hall: “The reason I stepped away for a while was because I moved to the beach and my studio was in storage so I decided to take a break. I actually ended up releasing a couple of singles (since 2016) so I never fully took a break. I moved again 3 months ago to Idaho to start a business and get a fresh start on life. The reason for my solo journey is to focus all my energy on me. I have all this material and emotions inside of me balled up and I have to let it out. There are pros to working alone like not getting distracted easily and getting to write everything on my own which is truly a treat as well as getting full credit for your own art.


I don’t really see any cons to be honest. And of course I miss performing most of all…Being face to face with people, sweating, rapping and screaming my heart out. I have some shows coming up here in Idaho in the winter time so I’m looking forward to that!’’

Although Sonstormer is a solo project, Hall is experienced enough to know that even the greatest of gourmet chefs need some help in the kitchen in order to create sensational dishes.

Hall: “This project includes some of the best producers and artists I know such as Tariq beats, Einstein, DJ ba5e, Stomp, Paiser Beats and Mike Lavish. The artists I chose to rap with on this project are Twin Eagles, Homeboy Seven Six 0 and Robbie Duggs!  Also an Idaho artist by the name, Ghostxlee whom I met right when I moved here who is rad and does “trap metal.” I really worked with people who truly grind with music and share the same hunger!”

Hall continues: “I felt really in the zone, in my bag and locked in on this album! It was pure, unforced thoughts and expressions. This is the start of something big! I have singles and projects set up for after the album already in the works!Everything is new energy, new vibes, new ideas and a new grind!

Additionally, I also have a clothing line dropping in October called, “Primo Steelo” so be on the lookout for that!”

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