Six Artists with a powerful interpretative expression of this very personal subject at Gallery 500, Palm Springs

There is something to be learned about the way humans have approached the spiritual realm throughout history. Do you worship a person, an animal, a concept? Is your worship a dance, a song, an act, a thought or silence?  Is it based in Love or Fear? All too often people simply adopt the religion they were born into without exploring the world and their spiritual beliefs. This is but a small sample of artists showcasing their thoughts of an inherent part of being human.

Award winning Artists Council members Eduardo Carriazo, Terry Hastings, Carole Hatcher, Andrea Raft, Meridy Volz, and Ulrike, have worked together in several art shows throughout the Coachella Valley and beyond. For this show each artist tackled the subject from different cultures, whether it be Native American, African, Asian, Inuit, Greek, or cultures long disappeared.

“We wanted to do something different. Something not so predictable,” they say with a grin on their faces.

Columbian born artist Eduardo Carriazo has spent years as a naturalist guide and field illustrator in the Galapagos Islands. He similarly spent months as a naturalist and illustrator in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region. He has a Master of Fine Arts degree from FSU and moved to Palm Springs in 2012 where he focuses on painting and ceramics. Eduardo is the recipient of the Karen and Tony Barone Sculpture award given at the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2018.


Meridy Volz’s strong, vibrant oil paintings are created with knifes and her fingers. “My spiritual art includes themes which showcase the Afro-Carribean culture, celebrations of Chango, Ochun and Yemaya, Native American and Mardi Gras Indian works.”

As a symphonic violinist, with a quest for culinary adventure and a vivid imagination for found objects, artist Carole Hatcher interprets African and other cultural art. Her unique flair for sculptural assemblage includes bells, percussion, antique artifacts, findings and trade beads combined to call attention to the Spirit Gods.

Carole’s assemblages have been exhibited at the Palm Springs Art Museum and The Galen in Palm Desert.

Throughout her life, Andrea’s travels to Asia have inspired her artistic perceptions and further enabled her to paint and study. Found objects, collage papers, and metal leaf are often used within her mixed media pieces. Her work reveals a preference for the abstract and canvas’ often express a quiet serene meditative quality.

Terry Hastings is a well-known local photographer and artist. In this show, Terry continues to explore “Crazy Things People Believe In”. His sculptures and photos delve into the mind of man and how they attempt to control others with “religion”. Terry won Best of Show 2017 at the Palm Springs Arts Museum, Artists Council Exhibition.

“What’s better than your animal friends?” states Austrian born Ulrike, known for her cheerful and colorful Magical Realism animal paintings, loves the Coachella Valley Art world. “I’m having the time of my life,” she exclaims. After working most of her life in the Entertainment Industry she can relax in the Desert and do what she likes best; painting, working with likeminded people, and enjoying her creative journey under the sun. She is one of the artists chosen for the Idyllwild Deer Project and was also elected to be an artist for the Heart for Hope Fundraiser, at Loma Linda Children’s Hospital, which was exhibited at Heather James Gallery and CODA Gallery, Palm Desert.

Location: Gallery 500, 500 Palm Canyon, Palm Springs

Reception: Thursday, August 1, from 5 to 7pm

Run of show: July 31 through September 15