By Heidi Simmons

Although it is a nuisance to adjust our clocks, it is wonderful to have more sunlight to brighten our days.  Many Coachella Valley residents are sun worshipers, or at least sun lovers.  The citrus trees are blossoming and flowers are blooming.   Spring is literally in the air!  It’s time to enjoy our resort weather and stretch out with a good book in the great outdoors.

Here are some Spring reading suggestion that are fresh for the season. 

Camino Winds by John Grisham – Back on Camino Island, when a devastating hurricane nearly levels the community, a prominent author is found dead – but the cause is not from the deadly storm.  Clues to his death may be in the victim’s unpublished manuscript.


Masked Prey by John Sandford – This is a Lucas Davenport thriller.  When the FBI fails to find a blogger who is photographing and naming the children of US politicians while spewing vicious rants, Davenport is the only one who can track down the blogger and stop the terror with or without the law.

The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd – This is Kidd’s fourth work of fiction.  Set in first century Galilee, a young female protagonist must overcome the cultural expectations to pursue her ambitions.  Along the way she encounters and becomes close to an eighteen-year-old Jesus.

Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler – When Micah, a self-employed tech expert and introvert, is faced with a daughter he didn’t know he had and his “lady” friend needs to move in with him, his life is suddenly unrecognizable and he must learn to cope.

Walk the Wire by David Baldacci – Set in South Dakota, FBI consultant Amos Decker finds himself in the midst of a crime riddled-community that was once a quiet town.  As fracking becomes a major industry, it has also brought prostitution, drugs, religious sects, and murder.

The Boy From the Woods by Harlan Coben – Thirty years ago, Wilde was a feral boy rescued from living in the woods.  When a girl goes missing, he must venture back into the same woods and confront his past to bring the girl home.

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown –When Nina’s mother gets sick, she returns to a familiar way of life to take care of her mother’s medical bills.  She and her boyfriend con rich kids and steal their expensive stuff.  But as they target Vanessa, a privileged young heiress and Instagram influencer, she may be more than they handle.

The Red Lotus by Chris Bohjalian – After Alexis, an emergency room doctor, sews up a bullet hole in Austin’s arm, the two become a couple.  When they travel to Vietnam together and Austin disappears, Alexis is left to figure out what happened and begins to wonder if Austin was who he said he was and if she is being used for some other purpose.

The Herd by Andrea Bartz – “Herd” is an elite all women co-working space for members only, which prides itself on female mentorship and empowerment.  When the beautiful and brilliant founder, Eleanor, disappears on the day of her big PR event, the police suspect foul play and “herd” members become suspects. 

The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel – Set in a small Missouri Ozark town, Eve, a desperate mother seeks to find the killer of her daughter.  As Eve searches for the truth, she recalls the dark side of her own youth and recognize the cruelty and evil that lurks within her own community.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle – New York Times bestselling author of the nonfiction books Love Warrior and Carry On, has a new biography/memoir that explores the joy and peace that can be achieved when one stops striving to meet the expectations of the world and starts trusting “the voice within.”

Natural light is the best light for reading.  Whether by a pool, on the patio or under a palapa, Spring in the CV is the perfect place to enjoy a pleasurable book.