And Big Rock Pub Country Brunch, Sunday April 30th

By Lisa Morgan

Honey County are arguably carving the path for the rapidly growing California country genre, but it didn’t come easy. The ensemble’s founder, Dani Rose, had to take a lot of big chances, and say a lot of ‘hard yeses’ before getting to the ‘easy yeses.’  There was the, “Yes, I’m moving from Virginia to Los Angeles while all my other friends are moving to Nashville.  There was the, “Yes, I’m going to make my own mark my own way as a singer/songwriter.”  There was even the, “Yes, I am a country artist,” following years of denial.  There was the openness and lack of ego when her manager suggested that she might have more success and fun working within a group as opposed to a solo artist when she said, “Yes.” And then the more painful, “Yes, I will continue in my commitment to this project,” when members moved on to other projects. 

Every single one of these decisions to say, “yes,” lead her to her current bandmates Devon Jane (who backed up Keith Urban on guitar at the 2012 American Country Awards) and Katy Stump. Together they answered the obviously easy yeses to play the Troubadour, the El Rey Theater, and the LA Live Music festival.  These were followed by the impossible “No” to an interview with Rolling Stone wherein they were named one of the ‘Top 10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.’ And there are few in their right mind who would say know to Goldenvoice when asked to play Stagecoach, a goal Rose had set in her mind three years ago.

“I went to Stagecoach and I told myself, ‘We’re going to play here.  I don’t know how or when, but we are going to play here,’” shared the tenacious band leader. “It doesn’t touch on this in our bio – these girls I’m with right now are not the original girls.  It seemed as though someone just wasn’t ‘in it,’ and we went through a few people.   But when the right people came together, things just clicked.  That’s when Rolling Stone happened.  There’s always a reason to quit doing your passion.  Alternatively, there is always a reason to keep going.  There’s always ten reasons to stop and one reason to keep going.  And if you find that one reason, that one reason grows into two, then three and so on.  I hate to say it, but perseverance and patience have been my saving grace.  As artists, time is always ticking.  If you push through the shit storm, good things will happen.”


“Devon has been with us for over two years.  Katie is the newest member, but has grown into this role of writer and has helped us develop a new sound we’re ready and excited to unleash.  We’ve been in the studio and writing with a couple of new songs that I think we’ll put out on an EP that I believe will be revolutionary for a female trio – stuff you haven’t heard before.”

Their newest EP is in the making, projected to be released sometime in May.  If you make your way to hear Honey County at Stagecoach this Friday, you’ll be treated to a group of strong instrumentalist topped with incredible harmonies, each voice a treasure on its own.  You can also see them up close and personal performing two acoustic shows at Big Rock Pub in Indio, Sunday, April 30th between 10 am and 2 pm.  They will be doing two one hour shows along with a meet and greet.  They will also be signing a guitar that will be raffled off with all proceeds benefiting Desert Cancer Foundation.  Reservations are recommended as seating is limited. 

For reservations, call Big Rock Pub (760) 200-9844

For more information on Honey County check out their website at