By Denise Ortuno

There’s a new spot to go out to brunch and lunch in Palm Desert. It’s where your taste buds will tingle, at Cups Cafe.

I have a new favorite spot for brunch in the Desert Country Plaza at Cups Cafe. It’s the kind of new restaurant that when you walk in, you just know that it’s something special. And when you actually eat the food, you’re hooked.

Opened only 11 weeks ago, Cups Cafe is already experiencing the buzz factor. Husband and wife owners Marco and Nancy, along with Pastry Chef, Gustavo, have long desired to open their own restaurant. When the corner restaurant became available, they knew it was an opportunity they could not walk away from and moved forward with their dream.


They have intertwined a variety of recipes that they have collected throughout the years, with a vivid focus on the freshest of ingredients, and purposeful delivery, “We believe in from scratch,” says Marco. The restaurant itself has kind of a cool modern country vibe to it, with a teal shabby chic dining table that greets diners at the entrance. Marco and Nancy are on hand to engage with their cliental, their many years of excellent restaurant customer care, more than apparent.

On my visit to Cups Cafe, my boyfriend and I took a seat across from the open kitchen, and debated what we would order. It was hard to decide, as their menu is well developed and offers deliciously described items. At last, I ended up weighing out two dishes, the Chilaquiles or the Mexican Benedict. With the help from Nancy, I ended up ordering the Mexican Benedict, once she green lighted how amazing the chorizo potato cakes were. My boyfriend ordered a Buttermilk Pancake, and the Spanish Breakfast with imported chorizo (yes, we love chorizo).

I was excited to be introduced to my chorizo potato cakes, and waited patiently. Our food arrived and was attractively plated. After snapping a few pictures, I was ready to meet my meal. The chorizo potato cakes cradled the perfectly poached eggs, and absorbed the creamy béarnaise sauce lovingly. They were as wonderful as Nancy had described, super light and soft with that savory chorizo flavor that I was craving. I loved it! I added a little of their homemade Macha Sauce for some heat, and let me be clear, a little Macha goes a long way.

My boyfriend’s Spanish Breakfast was equally delish. It came with eggs your way, grilled tomatoes, fantastically seasoned and crispy hash browns and the star of the dish, two imported Christorra Chorizo sausages. That sausage was on point, and had a chorizo-ness that hadn’t experienced before. His Buttermilk pancake was fluffy in the middle and had a nice crisp on the outer layer, just like we like it.

Other brunch selections include Wheat Zucchini Pancakes, French toast, Cups Eggs Benedict (with house made crab cakes), Omelets, plus many more.

If you’re not into the brunch thing, not to worry, as they have many lunch and dunch options to choose from such as a massive Club Sandwich, Fish and Chips, a Tuna Melt made with shredded Ahi Tuna, as well as other selections. And of course, one of Pastry Chef Gustavo’s creations is a must for dessert.

Even with their infant stage restaurant status, Cups Cafe has already etched an indelible mark on the brunch and lunch scene in the Coachella Valley. I can’t wait to return there, and explore more of their taste bud tingling food.

Cups Cafe is open daily from 8am to 3pm and is located at 77-912 Country Club Dr. Unit 3-4, Palm Desert 92211