By Scott Pam

Tattooed Nanny’s inaugural gig played at the Red Barn last Saturday night showcased the band’s wide range of cover songs and ability to interpret them in their own style.

Each song had the Tattooed Nanny style but never lost touch with the original’s sound and message. They have a sound that is just plain hard rock with a touch of grunge and that combination made the show a success.

From Cheap Trick to Pink Floyd, The Cars, Free and Journey and of course Led Zeppelin, guitarists Jim Ryan and Kevin Mogan covered the leads and the rhythm giving homage to the original bands that wrote and made those songs famous while maintaining the distinctive sound that they have developed during the past four months.


Front man Albert Montana demonstrated how a good cover band needs to hit all the notes in all the right places without strain. Almost every cover was pitch perfect and Montana showed what months of practice sounds like. The band has been in rehearsal since June working two times a week to bring their style public.

Matt Whyte on bass and Mike Aspell on drums kept the band grounded as they pounded out the hits. Matt, Mike, Jim and Kevin all provided backup and lead vocals throughout the show letting the music scene know just how much talent this cover band brings to the local music scene.

The band’s two guitarists have known each other for many years and have played in and out of jam sessions and work with other bands. Jim Ryan said, “…we have gotten together to jam with various people and bands, but nothing ever stuck until this.”

The band already has its own style and sound – as with most bands, this changes and develops as they continue to play for live audiences.

The band has plans to start writing original songs once a planned studio is completed at the drummer’s house. While making it huge in the music business is a challenge, there is the great possibility of a huge local following with regional gigs as the band continues to develop.

Missed them last week? Their next show is at The Red Barn, Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 9:00 P.M. No Cover.