By Michelle Rizzio

In this article I want to share one of my favorite topical ways to use cannabis — baths. That’s right, taking a luxurious or simple bath infused with THC and/or CBD is a fantastic way to be able to experience cannabis. On the market, bath products can be found from various brands like Coda Signature, Topikal CBD, CBD Living, Kush Queen and Papa & Barkley. Most options available come mixed with various types of non-intoxicating herbs such as lavender, marigold, neroli, and more to make your experience truly unique.

I enjoy soaking with cannabis because it allows my body to fully absorb all the cannabinoids available and offer relief around pain spots. Most bath products available come with the options of various ratios, or CBD only. In my experience a ratio of 3:1 or more is really nice and provides full body relief. Soaking in cannabis is unique because you don’t receive a traditional psychoactive high from the products as you would if you were smoking a ratio product. Instead you are able to enjoy a multitude of systemic cannabinoid benefits such as increased immune system and response, restoration of skin including elasticity and replenishes the skin with vitamin E and C. Soaking in cannabis also can allow for relief from menstrual issues such as cramping and inflammation. It can also be effective in conjunction with a cannabis based suppository to really assist a person in pain from their menstrual cycle.

Beyond physical benefits soaking with cannabis can relieve stress, calm mania, and ease depression by allowing for full relaxation and having a stimulated endocannabinoid system. When I use cannabis bath products I even like to treat myself a little more by smoking a nice hash joint and then using a THC lotion after to make sure that all of my aches and pains fade away and leave me in bliss! Cannabis bath products can be found at Dank Depot in Cathedral City, all of the West Coast Cannabis Club locations in both Palm Desert and Cathedral City, Desert’s Finest in Desert Hot Springs, and Joy of Life in Palm Springs. Happy soaking!