By Aimee Mosco

“Unity is at the heart of peace. There can be no peace without Unity and there can be no Unity without U and I.Daily Agreements, Guidelines & Intentions, by Aimee Mosco and Donald L. Ferguson, pg. 109

The spiritual community has been spreading the word since the 80’s about the “new era’, the “Unity paradigm”, and the “Golden Age of Peace”. All of these terms refer to the same event that this community has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of for quite some time.

It’s clear that something remarkable is reportedly coming. What’s not clear is what that something is, and when it is going to arrive.


Let’s start with the what.

The Golden Age of peace supports a reality which has people caring for themselves and others with deep reverence. It represents a shift of an “us and them” mentality to a “we are all connected” mentality.

You may be asking yourself how this is possible given the state of the world right now. And if you are, that’s a good question. The important thing to keep in mind is this; whenever monumental change takes place, there is always a period of discomfort during the transition. Humanity is in the thick of the discomfort right now, which is actually a good sign. This confirms that something big is happening.

Humanity is nearing the end of this spiritual era that has spanned thousands of years. The collective or group focus during that era was the study of “separation”. Our soul lessons guided us into experiences and thought patterns that demonstrated the different aspects of separation. We studied by immersing ourselves in situations that inspired us to feel abandoned, worthless, alone. We were able to gauge the effect of these feelings by experiencing love and connectivity in small doses. Love also kept a lifeline open with inner truth so we wouldn’t get completely lost in our studies.

Humanity has studied every aspect and thread of separation. As a group, we have become experts on the topic. Now it’s time for our souls to study something new. That is what the Golden Age of Peace is. It is the new lesson plan for collective humanity.

Now for the when.

Human beings are powerful creators. When the new paradigm takes hold is up to us. We effectively create the atmosphere in which we live. The more effort we put forth to connect ourselves with the energies of unity and actively release the energies of separation, the faster the unity paradigm will become our new classroom.

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