By Elizabeth Scarcella and Aimee Mosco

Are you one of those people who gets lost in a time warp while watching adorable animal videos? And do you feel a little embarrassed when you realize how much time you have “wasted” on this seemingly unproductive event?

Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t despair. While it may seem like you are throwing valuable time away, you are likely responding to a deep spiritual calling. If that sounds ridiculous to you, here’s why it’s not:

Throughout this series of articles, we reference the new paradigm frequently (also known as the Unity Paradigm) as the representation of a new era in which human beings will explore expanded levels of consciousness. This expansion translates to increased application of unbridled creativity that impacts every level of human life, human connectivity, and potentials for peaceful co-existence.


As part of your intended growth scheduled for this leg of the soul journey you will gain greater appreciation for the role emotions play in your creative process. In simple terms, you are becoming a conscious creator and learning to purposely generate emotions to fuel your creative endeavors.

Emotions have a direct impact on the circumstances of your life. No kidding, right? Everyone knows that happiness yields results that feel and look better than sadness or anger. It’s not exactly breaking news. Furthermore, you are probably actively seeking opportunities to feel happy already. What IS news (to some) is that you are fully in charge of the emotions you produce. No emotion you feel is the product of anything other than your own perceptions and thoughts. (What?!?) That’s right. You are in charge!

So what does that have to do with animal videos?

Emotions that you curate (intentionally or unintentionally) act as fuel for whatever you are looking to create next in your life. Wouldn’t you rather fuel your creations with the energy of laughter and happiness than anger and frustration? Since you have a choice, watching funny animal videos that make you feel warm and fuzzy is one great way to intentionally generate emotional fuel that will power your creations to their most beautiful potential. So, do yourself, and the rest of the world, a favor; seek opportunities to feel joyful even when it seems frivolous! Your soul whole-heartedly approves.

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