By Angela Romeo

For some Socrates is a classical Greek philosopher who left us the Socratic method of learning. To others Socrates is a vivacious artist who calls the Coachella Valley home.

Socrates, the Painter, was born in Saumur, France, in the beautiful Loire Valley, birthplace of the Kings. She is descended from a long lineage of painters and writers. “I lived in the US in the 1980s. I left to explore the world. Three continents and a lifetime of memories, I now find myself in Palm Springs,” said Socrates. The desert life seems to suit Socrates.

In 2015, the former Lon Michels Gallery showed the intricate beadwork of Socrates’ jewelry. “My jewelry is very detailed. It is composed of hand stitching beads to create elaborate neckpieces and bracelets. The work is time consuming and precise. There is no margin for error.” Soon the gallery began to represent her abstract artwork.


“It was an honor to be represented by the gallery. Lon Michels gave me a solo show Valentine’s Day 2015. It was a wonderful experience and inspired me to pursue my work in abstraction. At that same show, interior designer Christopher Kennedy purchased one of my paintings to be part of his design home for Modernism 2015.” That show and that purchase set off a chain of events for Socrates and her work.

She has been working nonstop as she continues her art studies. “The quality of my work took off after taking a workshop at the Palm Springs Art Museum with Kwok Wai Lau. I am proud to call him my mentor. ”

“I paint in spurts, with several paintings going at once. I often move from the exacting work of my jewelry designs to the freer hand of my abstracts. When I paint my inspiration is to capture the air and the sense of space of the desert, the exterior landscapes as well as my inner ones. I combine my love of Chinese calligraphy with broad strokes which I use to convey my message.”

“My paintings are started with no end in mind. I choose colors that reflect the mood of the day. I am led unconsciously by the principles of design and composition until an abstract pattern emerges, which I pursue with calligraphy brushes. It is this freedom that allows the work to be.”

The Smith Vargas Gallery now represents Socrates. “After Lon Michels closed, Roy Smith and Francisco Vargas took over the space. Their gallery showcases contemporary art and I am very happy to part of their family.”

On March 5, the Smith Vargas Gallery will open the show ABSTRACTS. The show will feature the work of Socrates and Scottish born Canadian artist Eve Llyndorah.

“I will be exhibiting 15 large scale paintings. These pieces were created for this show. This work is a part of a new direction for my work. This new direction incorporates more calligraphic strokes,” noted Socrates. “I want viewers to be lead into my virtual landscapes, letting them explore what the pieces evoke for them. Really, with abstract paintings, all the work of interpretation is done by the viewer, who brings to the viewing their own sensitivities.” Change and growth are marks of true artist. Socrates continues in the path of her ancestors by continuing to blaze new ground with her work.

ABSTRACT opens March 5 with an artist reception from 5-9 pm at Smith Vargas Gallery, 1003 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 92262.

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