By Bronwyn Ison

A friend told me, the agony of pain is the start of something good. Having been down this path before, I can attest and I believe this wholeheartedly.  Instead of sharing with you how you can overcome adversity and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I thought that I would share how be a bit light-hearted in our times of uncertainty.

Here is a fun list of ideas that you can choose to put to the test for a little extra fun and humor. We all need to laugh, still have fun and take a moment to not be so serious. Almost everything I share requires minimal supplies or it can be found on Google on how to…

  1. How to make your own face mask. (DYI)
  2. Complete a puzzle
  3. Start a journal or blog
  4. Write a poem (Mother’s Day is coming soon.)
  5. Workout ~ yoga, HII, strength training, swim
  6. Make a scrapbook (this would require you to find photos that you’ve actually printed)
  7. Binge on Tiger King
  8. Bake some healthy treats
  9. Listen to music that makes you happy. Dance!
  10. Take a bubble bath (sip your favorite wine)
  11. Learn how to fix something that has been broken at your house for awhile
  12. Learn more about technology (especially if you’re challenged ~ like me.)
  13. Interview your parents about their life. Make your own documentary for them
  14. Design a vision board for yourself
  15. Work on a financial plan for yourself
  16. Design your own cards and mail them to friends
  17. Do your first TikTok video (I have yet to do this)
  18. Clean your closet and put on fashion show for your family
  19. Clean your garage (I know it’s hot)
  20. Learn a new word each day

While some of the above are more serious than others… try and do your best to add a little entertainment to your life.


Bronwyn Ison,

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