This weekend join the Portal to Ascension Group for the Cannabis Conference 2021. This two day on Line summit will happen on March 20th and March 21st and can be accessed by going to Speakers across the cannabis industry will join together in order to share about how cannabis has created an unstoppable industry due to its impact on humanity. Speakers include Stephen Gray, Anya Cravitz, Swami Chaitanya, Ruth Hill, Leonard Leinow, Michelle Rizzio, Kristin Heidelbach, Jennifer Montgomery, Robin Goins, and Barbie Sommers. The conference will have two emcees, 18 presenters, and will take place over the course of two days with topics such as cooking with cannabis, cannabis activism, cannabis and psychedelics, the etiquette of cannabis, universal legislation of cannabis, and self care with terpenes amidst many other topics. The event is free and there will be nine hour of content available attendees will receive hundreds of hours of free presentations in the archives unlimited replay access to watch back.

With the stay at home orders of the pandemic during the last year there has been little to no gatherings regarding cannabis in the Coachella Valley and beyond. Nationally, the Cannabis Conference 2021 opportunity allows for cannabis activists and cannabis community members to come together to share information with the greater public about cannabis.The ability to share from their specific fields within cannabis gives this conference spiritual and exciting content. The internet creates a very exciting opportunity for people to be able to learn more from the comfort of their home. Admission is free, or donation based.

The intention of this event is to bring conscious business practices and consciousness to this global industry; as well as inform the masses about the indigenous and sacred use of the plant.


To join and attend either this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday please visit the zoom link below:

Visit for more details, including the schedule.