By Tiar’a Literary & Illustration


The Coachella Valley has witnessed an exceeding volume of economic and social growth over the last twenty years, yet more-so since the inception of the global pandemic.

There are those who have dwelled within the valley for decades that still hold the belief that with summertime comes business and social slowdown. Seven years ago, we may have been apt to agree. Yet, within the last 10 years, business has most assuredly continued throughout the summer – business-as-usual.


It is difficult to conjure and attach a negative statement, or sentiment in conjunction with our Coachella Valley. We as its loyal residents have it all right at our doorsteps: Space, million dollar views all round – year-round. Hiking and nature trails, new construction, new roads, manageable traffic. Clean streets, gorgeous landscaping, quiet evenings. A staggering selection of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Lush fertile soil and agriculture. A magnitude of easy-to-access healthcare facilities, and fitness centers. Parks, and other recreational areas. Exquisite communities irrespective of income brackets. Booming businesses, and perfect weather year-round to keep us healthy and happy. Outsiders from around the country, and indeed around the globe have realized this truth, and this is why so many new businesses and investors are gracing us with their presence. And, we all know what that means – greater financial stimulation for our economy, and our local businesses.

The Coachella Valley may not be a global destination hotspot penned at the top of an individual’s bucket list, yet that does not refute the reality that we now humbly proclaim ourselves CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN OASIS.

For those who may still hold negative opinions or sentiments about our valley we say – cast your gaze outside. Take a deep breath. Marvel the scenery and slew of new construction and business. The Acrisure Arena, for one, whose backers are from out-of-town, moved here just last year, and has since witnessed a staggering level of success. The Walt Disney Company, likewise have discovered that the Coachella Valley holds significant value, enough to have persuaded them to invest in one of the largest new community builds in recent history – coming soon.

Diversity: Unlike other regions around the country, or world for that matter, the Coachella Valley boasts a diverse community unlike any other. Los Angeles, for example, claims to endear an inclusive temperament, yet Los Angeles does not host large churches, or vocal Christian communities within its perimeter. The Coachella Valley sees attributes of Mexico, Arabia, Western Christian faith, and modern diversity without hostile divides causing one belief to be obliterated due to the intolerance of another. What other city, county, or suburb within the United States is capable of boasting such an enlightened mindset?

Diplomats, Presidents, business leaders, actors, singers, sports personalities, and artists, have all chosen to lay anchor on a portion of our blessed land.

With 4th of July celebrations still fresh in our minds, let us give special thanks as we consider ourselves blessed and honored to live within The Coachella Valley. This is perhaps one of the closest glimpses of paradise that we may ever see here on earth.

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