By Jennifer Tan AKA Mrs Fett

Forged of steel and silicone, this 4½ lb gun is the most realistic First Person Shooter peripheral on the market. And it hasn’t even been released yet! Set to release early 2014, the gun boasts some pretty epic “firing power.”

David Kotkin, creator of peripherals such as the Bionic Edge, and the Avenger Controller. During an interview with David, he explained the origin of the Delta Six, and what he wanted to achieve by designing such a realistic TOY gun. “At my son’s birthday party, I noticed all of the children were not downstairs with the newer arcade games, but upstairs, playing these old, saloon style shooter games. You know, with the plastic guns and the light up targets. It was that moment that I decided to design a gun that people can use in their home with their favorite shooter titles for a truly interactive, immersive experience!”

And that is exactly what he has done. The gun assembles into multiple variations, from an assault rifle, to a fully scoped, silenced sniper rifle, reaching more than 3ft long. The Delta Six also uses an IR sensor, to react to gestures a real gun would use. Lean your head into the scope and the game will zoom in, as if you were setting up a head shot. Melee attacks are a reaction of kicking out the butt of the gun, or “Stock Swinging” as if you are hitting someone with it. And reloading? Simply tap the ammo clip.

The actuator is David’s most accomplished detail in the gun. “While plugged in, the actuator will provide the same kick, as a fully automatic assault rifle, the feeling is intense! You can’t help but get fully into the game!” The gun can also be used without an outlet plug, using 4 AA batteries located inside the ammo clip.

Of course, there has been scrutiny by those who think such a realistic gun just plays into the “Gaming Creates Violence” trend plaguing the video game industry. My opinion? After trying the only Delta Six gun in existence right now, I see that it is extremely realistic and I do get the feeling that the gun might be mistaken as a real weapon if taken outside the home. So, DON’T take it outside! Explain to your children this is a toy, to be used inside the home, under supervision, and is not an outside toy.

The gun has been guaranteed to work on XB1, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC systems. Not only that, but you can hook up to four guns on one console, controlling a complete squad in your living room! I personally cannot wait to get my own Delta six controller. For more information, is the place to go!