Christmas and New Years are right around the corner. For most, it’s a time to stock up on time with family, good food, and gifts. For others, it’s a time of the year when thoughts of the future begin swirling through the mind – like chocolate being churned into a setting – a time that provides much “food for thought” indeed.

2024 is coming right at us and there is no stopping it. As with the hands of time upon a clock’s face, time does indeed keep ticking regardless of whether we want it to. Time is a precious commodity, and is the world’s highest valued possession. Make sure yours is spent wisely.

Time allows us to learn, to grow, and to appreciate. This same principle is applied to anyone, young or mature, seeking to improve their health and physical fitness.


For kids and teens of the Coachella Valley, January 1st, 2024, is their startling line in preparation for their sports sprint that could see some excelling beyond their own prior accomplishments.

2024 will define the year when athletic performance earns college scholarships. It will be the year when a professional sports scout learns of someone’s existence. It is also the year when many will become healthy and fit, potentially eliminating the prospects, and or defeating an illness associated with lack of physical exercise and poor nutrition.

For three decades, Michael Butler, owner, and lead instructor of KINETIX HEALTH & PERFORMANCE CENTER, in Palm Desert, has helped finetune many future sports champions, and in this week’s “THE FIT STOP – A MINUTE WITH MICHAEL”, Michael addresses the topic of England and Europe’s favorite pastime, soccer.

Our question comes from local resident, Greg. Greg, thank you for writing us this week.

Greg asks:

“Michael, I watch soccer played in Europe on TV and notice quite often that players out there seem to play a lot better than American teams – Sorry fellow patriots. I love my country and all, but facts are facts. My question to you is this: My son loves soccer and wants to play pro overseas someday. Do you have classes for kid’s soccer, and if so, do you train them to play like they do in Europe? Thanks”

Michael’s reply:

Hi Greg, thank you for taking the time to get in touch. Our youth program develops young athletes specific to their sport and level of experience. We help students become well-rounded athletes (including soccer players), and teach them the basics of exercise, nutrition, and recovery. When training at our facility, students will be more-than-well-equipped to play European-style soccer. Hope to see you soon. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

If you would like to ask Michael a question concerning any topic related to health and wellness, please write us at:


(760) 200-1719

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