The way you drive directly reflects the way you look says Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna.  The way you conduct yourself behind the wheel is how others view you.  Let’s take a look…

Good looking drivers practice safe driving, are courteous and always follow the rules of the road.  They are patient and deal effectively with the bad and ugly drivers.  They don’t speed, are not distracted by cell phones or others and are focused.  They don’t drink and drive.  They are responsible individuals and look good!

Bad looking drivers want to look good but are basically clueless.  Easily distracted by their cell phone and passengers, they neglect paying attention to surroundings.  They are unaware of the rules of the road, pay no attention to their speed and never use turn signals.  Unaware, clueless and preoccupied behavior places others at risk while looking bad and disheveled as a driver.

Ugly looking drivers feel entitled and have big ego’s.  They are rude and have no regard for others. They care less about the rules of the road and more about them self.  An all about ‘me’ mentality, they tailgate, speed, talk on the phone, text and never use turn signals.  Cutting people off, they place everyone in harm’s way.  Often projecting that look of “look at me, I need attention” gives  them that ugly look!


So the next time you’re out and about driving, take a moment and ask yourself, “How do I look today?”

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Fire Chief Sam DiGiovanna